Wednesday, August 29, 2007

DEAD Depressor - Symbols

Ah Depressor, never a more apt name chosen. What we have here are thirteen tracks of mean, dirty, sludgy almost industrialish crust. This is what Godflesh would sound like if Godflesh ever made a crust album. Pretty good songs throught, though the tinny/fake sounding drums grate on my nerves. Worth checking out anyways.

Depressor - Symbols

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Oh yes, this had to happen.

If you don't know who MITB is, you owe it to yourself to listen to these albums, then kill yourself for taking too long to find them. You're looking at the band that pretty much defined power violence.

Man Is The Bastard - Mancruel
Man Is The Bastard - Thoughtless...

I went with these albums, as I figured DIYCD is probably everywhere already, so why be redundant (I'll up it if people want). While both albums are shorter than DIY, they still deliver the goods. And what goods they are. 24 tracks total of their signature blend of bass driven heavy as fuck pv mixed with spill over from Bastard Noise.


A post? Surely you jest?

Anyways, this is an old request I finally got around to uploading. Both albums from this band called Yeti that was on Life is Abuse. I'm not gonna bother trying to classify them. I have them tagged as sludge, but that's not necessarily true. Just listen if you want. Not the best thing ever, in my opinion, but what do you have to lose?

Yeti - Things To Come...
Yeti - Volume, Obliteration, Transcendence

IF you navigated here, you know the password. That, or look at older posts.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

DEAD With Hunt - This Is Only The Beginning...

Picked this up after their Washington Square Park show on this past Saturday. Turns out, what I thought was a new album was actually a re-release of "As Priorities Decay..." (they really like trailing ellipses), along with all their EP tracks and split tracks. So, while annoyed I now effectively have two copies of Priorities, I do have a ton of new stuff. Figured I'd share the wealth since I know of some friends that like Witch Hunt.

With Hunt - This Is Only The Beginning...

DEAD Oroku - Living Through The End Time

And this band is the postcursor to Garmonbozia. They lose the female vocals, but keep the cello. Not quite as good as the other two in this trifecta, but they are nice in their own right.

Oroku - Living Through The End Time


Only three songs, and I have no clue where they're from. From what I can gather, this band was the precursor to Garmonbozia, and these tracks are the only things they ever recorded. WAY fucking awesome stuff, and worth the download.


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

DEAD Witch Hunt - Blood Red States

Great stuff here. I should be seeing them on Sunday barring anything retarded happening.

Witch Hunt - Blood Red States

PW is known to all, far and wide.

Track list is not here, because I'm lazy and you lot are lucky I was arsed to upload in the first place.