Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Smörgåsbord of requests filled

Oh shits, is that some descriptors?

Well well well, Dystopia's swan song has finally been released after years in limbo. Is it worth the wait? you may ask, and for that, you're a retard. It's a new fucking Dystopia album, of course it's worth the god damn wait. And while it's not as good as Human=Garbage (not much is), it's still one of the best albums released in recent times, and should be required listening to have ears.
Dystopia - Dystopia

This shit was actually pretty damn awesome. Earlier stuff appears to be more power violency, but this album is almost thrash at points, but remains hardcore enough. Crossover maybe? I don't know, fuck genres. It's awesome though, Conan-influenced, beat-the-shit-out-of-hordes angry hardcore, and pretty damn catchy too. Thanks whoever recommended these guys.
Crom - Hot Sumerian Nights

Let me preface this by saying these albums really have no rational reason for being here, unless you count the very thin ties between black metal and crust, but fuck it, I'm eclectic. Fall of the Bastards play black/thrash type shit, but balance the two genres pretty well. It doesn't sound like your general black metal, actually has decent production, and is also pretty damn thrashy (obviously). They don't really fall into that GR1MM3R TH4N THOV stereotype of most bm bands, and that's a nice change. Same goes for Book of Black Earth. Wormwood, on the other hand, is some of the most fantastically fucked sludge ever. They're playing their last show in a few weeks, sadly, so maybe I'll up some of their other shit. Sounds sorta like Gasp and EyeHateGod had a bastard love child, and Mr Bungle came in from nowhere to give it a pearl necklace.
Fall of the Bastards - Where The Dead Hang From Trees
Fall of the Bastards - Dusk of an Ancient Age
Fall of the Bastards/Book of Black Earth Split
Fall of the Bastards/Wormwood Split

Filled a request with this one, or else I probably wouldn't have posted it. What you have here is some general purpose crust, nothing fancy. It's not bad per se, but it doesn't do anything really new, and it doesn't have that awesome melodic side that gets me all wet, so it was forgettable. But hey, if you like this type of shiz, all the more power to you.
Initial State - Abort The Soul