Monday, December 24, 2007

Today is but a day

Merry crustmas you ungrateful cunts. I'm vacationing at my parents, whose DSL does not like me uploading albums, but I'll see if I can manage a nice little treat.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Took a look through old posts.

Seems a lot of shit is gone, whether through inactivity for MU links, or whatever reason MF has for deleting my shit. Made a list of what I need to re-up:

Crossed Out Discography
Los Crudos Discography
Destroy Discography
Wake Up On Fire - S/T and demo
Yeti - Volume, Obiteration, Transcendence
Pretty Little Flower Discography
Saw Throat - Inde$troy
Siege - Drop Dead
Facedowninshit - Nothing Positive, Only Negative
GISM - Sonicrime Therapy
Driller Killer - And The Winner Is...
Hellshock - Only The Dead Know The End of War
Axegrinder - Rise of the Serpent Men
Nausea - Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 1

This shit is annoying. Anyone know the deal with MediaFire deleting my files randomly?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Well....Shit [[UPDATE]]

Umm, I can't seem to access any of the files I've upped, and I can't login to my MediaFire account. I believe I may have been banned. If that's true, it might be the end for Crustmas. Might be server problems, but for some reason, I don't think so.

Okay, it seems to be server issues, as I'm intermittently able to log in and view files. I guess this will work itself out.


So, I'm posting this a little later than I planned, got caught up with homework. Here goes though:

First, we have some re-posts. I'm hoping these stay up, if they don't I honestly don't know what to tell you, as I can't stop their being removed:

Destroy Discography

Crossed Out Discography

Next up, some requests old and new. Figure if I'm uploading shit I want, might as well up some shit other people want too:

State of Fear Discography

State of Fear is good times, fast, downtuned mean grind sounding crust.

Gasp - Drome Triler Of Puzzle Zoo People

Gasp is fucked up. They play some weird twisted form of power violence with a heavy avant ambient noise leaning. This album tends more towards ambiance from what I remember, but don't think that means it's calm.

Now some random shit:

Hummingbird of Death - Diagnosis: Delicious

HoD is simple, fast, no-frills hardcore. Nothing exactly amazing, but they know what they're doing, and it sounds as hardcore should.

Burned Up Bled Dry - Kill The Body, Kill The Soul

Fuzzy washed out grindcore. Really lo-fi sound, and it helps. Again, nothing amazingly different, but sometimes you need some simple shit that sticks to the basics and nails them.

Okay, so all the stuff beyond this point is shit I've been in love with for the past week or so. Also, they all share members between then (sometimes close to an entire line up is made from members of another). Variety of genres represented, so there's something for everyone.

First up is Wake Up On Fire. Two albums for you, their S/T full length, and a S/T demo, which has alternate versions of some songs on the LP, and some other tracks. Wake Up On Fire play heavy grind influenced crust (or is it heavy crust influenced grind? No matter). they're among that new wave of extreme punk bands adding random non-punk instruments to look all gloomy and shit (See: Garmonbozia, Remains of the Day, and every other fucking band out now). They have just a simple cello in the background, and while not exactly integral to the sound, it sure as hell feels nice backing the driving guitars and multiple vocalists. About the vocalists, you have one guy doing ultra guttural growls, while the other handles mid pitched grind shouts. Apparently there are two more vocalists, but shit, I can't seperate them beyond that. Really recommend them though, 'Dust' is a brilliant track.

Wake Up On Fire - S/T
Wake Up On Fire - Demo

Next up is Nux Vomica, the band formed from the ashes of Wake Up On Fire. Less awesome than their roots, they're still damn good. Sound is kind of like newer Sayyadina mixed with Tragedy, that grind with a hardcore lean to it. Still has that "hey look, melody" thing going on, minus the cello though. Good shit though, though I think the Uninspired EP is better than their full length. But have both, you can decide.

Nux Vomica - A Civilized World
Nux Vomica - The Uninspired

On to Inure's self titled, which is more straight up grind sounding. One of the chicks from Wake Up On Fire handles the majority of vocal duties here, and she does a damn admiral job. It's this mean low gurgly growl, and it's just dripping hate. As expected of this set of bands, they do a fair bit of melodic shit, because who doesn't these days. Doesn't mean this shit doesn't punish like all good grind should, but this is definitely from the new school of grindcore.

Inure - Inure

Last, but not least, is Moonshine. Mis, the vocalist for Inure, handles vocal duties again, and they work even better here. Baby Elephant Stomp has her going from the aforementioned gurgle to now actually singing with clean vocals. She manages to pull off both styles damn well, especially her clean, which is this soft croon that goes perfect with the slower parts of the track. As for the actually instrumentation, sounds like Inure slowed down a shit ton into a sludge dirge, that thick sound that feels like you're drowning in molasses.

Moonshine - Moonshine

And that's all for now kids. I do happen to have one more project by the above people, a band called 57 Octaves Below. Sounds nothing like any of the other stuff, as it's all soft acoustic rock. Depending on interest, I may up that too. Have fun downloading.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Prepare yourselves

Save your bandwidth kiddos, as I'm currently preparing the single largest post I have ever made. Something for everyone, from old faithfuls to new blood.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Masterpeace - Chase The Ideal Myself / 100 Posts!

Masterpeace - Chase The Ideal Myself

This marks 100 posts in this blog. That is cause for celebration.

Anyways, this is some japanese hardcore/screamo/wtf. Found them through some random compilation, and this is the only thing resembling an album I can find. Awesome shit though, with these ballistic screamed vocals (and some low, grind like growls on some songs), some awesome riffs that shit between being pure blasting hardcore with melodic shit back and forth. Hell, at points it even sounds like video game BGM.

I've been listening to this non-stop, and so should you.

Friday, October 5, 2007

You guys are nuts

You guys have collectively downloaded the Bloody Phoenix album 89 times.

It's only been up three days, and you have downloaded it EIGHTY NINE times.

I really hope at least some of you actually bought the damn thing.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Assel - Till För Oss & Assel - Assel

Assel - Till För Oss

Assel - Assel

Two albums from an awesome punky grind band.

DEAD Bloody Phoenix - War, Hate & Misery

Bloody Phoenix - War, Hate & Misery

Awesome, awesome fucking grind album. If you like it, buy it from To Live A Lie

ABC Weapons - Process of Decay

ABC Weapons - Process of Decay

Good shit, Australian crust in the vein of HHIG and From Ashes Rise, that dark/melodic crust shit.

Deathreat - The Severing of the Last Barred Window...

Deathreat - The Severing of the Last Barred Window...

More crust, good shit, but again, no description beyond that. Contains HHIG and Warcry members, if I remember correctly.

DEAD Forca Macabre - Histeria - Edicao Brasilera

Forca Macabre - Histeria - Edicao Brasilera

So, yea, no description, I'm lazy. It's crust though, I'll give you that much.

Monday, September 17, 2007

You gotta be shitting me.

So now Destroy is gone. That's two discographies wiped mere days after I upload them.

Someone's obviously reporting them, I'm curious though, why? If it's you, do you own the rights? Tell me and I'll stop uploading them. Else I'll just find a different service.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

DEAD Stack - Discography

No way in hell am I writing up a track list for this behemoth.


Okay, I'm stumped

Looks like Crossed Out got wiped again. Sorry bout that, but I'm guessing someone's reporting it, so not much I can do. I'll see about getting it on a different service.

Also, I'm currently re-uploading the Destroy discography, since the link died. Expect that up shortly.

DEAD Destroy - Discography

Destroy - Discography

1 (Necropolis LP) Remote Control Phyrric Victory
2 Prey In School
3 Death Through Vanity I
4 Death Through Vanity II Salvation In Death
5 Hysteria
6 Burn Down The Mall
7 Crowd Control
8 God Squad ('94)
9 Death Of A Generation
10 The Revolution Will Not Be Analog
11 Necropolis
12 War Withour Mercy
14 Misery
15 All-American Working Class Hero
16 Dogfight
17 Sword Of Damocles
18 War On Wankers '94
19 Stop Thinking And Follow
20 Laid To Waste
21 Another Religion, Another War
22 (Disturb 7") Render Unto Ceaser
23 Chains Of Torment
24 Redneck
25 (Burn This Racist System Down) Banality Of Evil
26 Get Used To It
27 Gynocide
28 Ode To Ramen
29 Burn This Racist System Down
30 Atomic Myopia
31 Anthem, Ad Nauseum, F.Y.I.P.
32 Crowd Control
33 Enforced Orthodoxy
34 Prey In School
35 Lethal Habits
36 (Bloodless Unreality Compilation 7") Vile Horrendous Aerial Bombardment
37 (Crust And Anguished Life Compliation CD) Dead To The World
38 (CD Only "Bonus Track") See Through Their Lies
39 (Disrupt Split 7") Stop Thinking And Follow
40 Obedience Defiance
41 Yuppie Beware
42 (Total Fucking Chaos 7") Hordes Of Destruction Santa God
43 Children's Crusade
44 We're Strong To The Finish 'Cos We Eats Our Spinach
45 Total Fucking Chaos
46 Us Vs. The World II
47 Fucking Alternative
48 Doom To The Greedy

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Crossed Out

I fixed the old Crossed Out post. Honestly don't know what happened, the file just seems to have disappeared. If this happens with other releases, please comment the latest post made, as I don't usually go through my old stuff looking at comments.

Neanderthal - Fighting Music

Neanderthal - Fighting Music

This here is the band that was a precursor to Man Is The Bastard. It's short, but it's everything they've done. Heavier, fuzzier, and less noise than MitB, and worth checking out.

Black Kronstadt - The Free Spirit

Black Kronstadt - The Free Spirit

Told you I had more of this. Well, I think I've said what there is to be said, so just scroll down and read the other description.

DEAD Capitalist Casualties - 1996-1999 Years In Ruin

Capitalist Casualties - 1996-1999 Years In Ruin

One of my personal favorite power violence bands. I'm not sure if this album is a best of, discography, or just a random collection from those years, but fuck, that's for you lot to figure out.

DEAD Gasp - An Earwig's Guide To Travelling

Gasp - An Earwig's Guide To Travelling

Highly recommended. These guys are fucking weird, blending sludge, ambient, and power violence to create some crazy awesome shit that defies description.

Black Kronstadt - Black Kronstadt

Black Kronstadt - Black Kronstadt

This here is the band that ended up becoming Iskra. You can hear the beginnings of their BM influence here. If people like this, I have a few more EP's I can upload.

DEAD Iskra - Iskra

Iskra - Iskra

Black metal influenced crust formed by members of Black Kronstadt. Really fast, noisy, mean shit, and highly enjoyable.

No pw on this one because it was originaly for MySpace metal forum. I hope that this doesn't mean it will end up on other blogs uncredited LIKE SOME OTHER UPLOADS.

Fruit Salad - Buy or Die

Fruit Salad - Buy or Die

Decent enough power violence, though a bit on the short side.

Follow the albums advice, but it (or Blood Power, their other album).

Monday, September 3, 2007


I figured everyone would know by now that the password is always, but since it appears I'm wrong, I've added it to the about me section.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

DEAD Misanthropic - Open Up And Take Your Bullet

Misanthropic - Open Up And Take Your Bullet

New discovery. This band plays what sounds like heavily Dystopia influenced grindcore (name is also a pretty good giveaway). I think there are male/female dueling vocals, though the screamer could just have a super high pitched voice. It's pretty good nonetheless, and easily worth the minimal bandwidth it will take.

DEAD Los Crudos - Discography

Los Crudos - Discography

To my knowledge, this album is everything done by Los Crudos, the pioneering Spanish speaking crust/hardcore band. To be honest, I never bothered to check them out until I saw a request, and figured I may as well fill it. I was pleasantly surprised. Nice, fast crust with some good vocals and aggressive instrumentation.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

DEAD Depressor - Symbols

Ah Depressor, never a more apt name chosen. What we have here are thirteen tracks of mean, dirty, sludgy almost industrialish crust. This is what Godflesh would sound like if Godflesh ever made a crust album. Pretty good songs throught, though the tinny/fake sounding drums grate on my nerves. Worth checking out anyways.

Depressor - Symbols

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Oh yes, this had to happen.

If you don't know who MITB is, you owe it to yourself to listen to these albums, then kill yourself for taking too long to find them. You're looking at the band that pretty much defined power violence.

Man Is The Bastard - Mancruel
Man Is The Bastard - Thoughtless...

I went with these albums, as I figured DIYCD is probably everywhere already, so why be redundant (I'll up it if people want). While both albums are shorter than DIY, they still deliver the goods. And what goods they are. 24 tracks total of their signature blend of bass driven heavy as fuck pv mixed with spill over from Bastard Noise.


A post? Surely you jest?

Anyways, this is an old request I finally got around to uploading. Both albums from this band called Yeti that was on Life is Abuse. I'm not gonna bother trying to classify them. I have them tagged as sludge, but that's not necessarily true. Just listen if you want. Not the best thing ever, in my opinion, but what do you have to lose?

Yeti - Things To Come...
Yeti - Volume, Obliteration, Transcendence

IF you navigated here, you know the password. That, or look at older posts.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

DEAD With Hunt - This Is Only The Beginning...

Picked this up after their Washington Square Park show on this past Saturday. Turns out, what I thought was a new album was actually a re-release of "As Priorities Decay..." (they really like trailing ellipses), along with all their EP tracks and split tracks. So, while annoyed I now effectively have two copies of Priorities, I do have a ton of new stuff. Figured I'd share the wealth since I know of some friends that like Witch Hunt.

With Hunt - This Is Only The Beginning...

DEAD Oroku - Living Through The End Time

And this band is the postcursor to Garmonbozia. They lose the female vocals, but keep the cello. Not quite as good as the other two in this trifecta, but they are nice in their own right.

Oroku - Living Through The End Time


Only three songs, and I have no clue where they're from. From what I can gather, this band was the precursor to Garmonbozia, and these tracks are the only things they ever recorded. WAY fucking awesome stuff, and worth the download.


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

DEAD Witch Hunt - Blood Red States

Great stuff here. I should be seeing them on Sunday barring anything retarded happening.

Witch Hunt - Blood Red States

PW is known to all, far and wide.

Track list is not here, because I'm lazy and you lot are lucky I was arsed to upload in the first place.

Monday, July 9, 2007

DEAD Sea of Deprivation - Catharsis in Disharmony

No tracklist because I'm a lazy fucker, but these guys are worth checking out. Should be required for fans of Dystopia, as it sounds like Dystopia Mk.2

Shit, the dual vocalists even sound almost exactly like Matt and Dino. Great shit here.

Sea of Deprivation - Catharsis in Disharmony

Guyana Punch Line - Direkt Aktion

1. until you faint 0:35
2. not right 1:07
3. no contest 1:42
4. the electric cha cha macarena boogie slide 0:38
5. direkt aktionists daily affirmation 2:07
6. rust and flame 1:51
7. obligatory sappy intro 0:57
8. obligatory naive antisellout song 0:58
9. reach down between my legs and ease the feedback 1:33
10. a null transmission 1:08
11. a void transmission 0:57
12. security 2:06
13. terror in toyland 3:38

Guyana Punch Line - Direkt Aktion

Password is the same as it always was. Look it up if you don't know it, and memorize it.

Filling a request with this one. These guys are actually pretty damn good, I was surprised.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Guyana Punch Line - Maximum Smasism

1. something about smashism 2:24
2. speak softly 1:05
3. fairweather jonestown 3:05
4. crummy life 2:10
5. the kids are pissed 2:06
6. rip your heart out 3:05
7. cliche culture 1:32
8. the red sea 1:42
9. papertrail 1:27
10. protect the fear 2:58

Guyana Punch Line - Maximum Smasism


Just realized I haven't been putting passwords in posts anymore. PW will ALWAYS be:

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

DEAD All is Suffering - The Past : Vindictive Sadisms Of Petty Bureaucrats

All is Suffering - The Past : Vindictive Sadisms Of Petty Bureaucrats

1. through deep snow, darkness stalks the hunters 3:55
2. crippled, reviled and pissed on by dogs 1:23
3. massive violence upon seismic devastation 2:26
4. pathological narcissism 4:50
5. summary executioner 5:50
6. mauthausen 4:54
7. denazification of your weak mind 2:19
8. dragon of the black pool 3:21
9. 600,000 dead 1:33
10. subjugation of rich cunts 2:08
11. siege warfare 1:33
12. swords of prosperity 2:43
13. municipal filth 1:36
14. spectre of war 4:54

DEAD Bread and Water - Everything So Far

1. Nakedness as Insult? 3:14
2. Worn Hands 0:58
3. Free labor (camps) 1:30
4. Can you fake it? 1:42
5. End the drug war 1:24
6. Victim or Executioner 2:47
7. Nothing in time 2:18
8. Beyond this moment 2:11
9. Farm Warfare 1:28
10. Ambitions 2:35
11. Social Games 2:01
12. Some day could be today 2:49
13. Remember 2:46
14. Cash for houses 1:14
15. No Compromise 1:58
16. Death Sentence 1:18
17. Fear of god 1:54
18. I won't argue 2:00
19. Some day could be today 2:32
20. When you're dead you're fucking dead 0:52
21. Spread Knowledge 2:15
22. Wage Slave 2:44
23. Rock the vote 1:34
24. Strength in Numbers 1:05
25. Keep walking 2:42
26. Entertainment 0:46
27. One day 1:43
28. Separate Worlds 2:56
29. Obvious Fate 1:33
30. Riot cops in full retreat 1:55

Bread and Water - Everything So Far

Signal Lost - Children of the Wasteland

Signal Lost - Children of the Wasteland

DEAD Detestation - Agony of Living

Detestation - Agony of Living

DEAD Detestation - Detestation

Detestation - Detestation

1. Your Choice 3:01
2. Trash 2:31
3. Back From The Dead 2:37
4. Dying Every Day 0:56
5. Sky Rape 1:57
6. A Is For... 4:08
7. Gospel Fucker 4:21
8. Circle The Wagons 2:44
9. A Convenient Excuse For Stupidity 2:49
10. Living Death 1:49
11. Think It Through 1:30
12. Must We Divide (+ outro) 5:39
13. The Inhuman Condition 3:24
14. Back From The Dead 2:34
15. White Trash Genocide 5:04
16. Day In Day Out 1:34
17. Sun Valinta 2:05
18. They Won't Take Me Alive 1:56
19. Nao Mais 2:13

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

DEAD Pretty Little Flower - Complete Grindcore Annihilation

Due to OVERWHELMING response, I'm going to just start uploading whatever the fuck tickles my fancy. That means more grind, violence, and hardcore for you pirates.

PLF's discography. Nice, fast punky grindcore:

Pretty Little Flower - Complete Grindcore Annihilation

1. Pose in hell 1:11
2. Seize your fate 1:50
3. Driven to insanity (Repulsion) 1:41
4. Dissolution pt.2 0:55
5. Worn thin 0:37
6. Drowning in stress 0:47
7. A nameless dread 0:59
8. Burned beyond recognition (Unseen Terror) 1:04
9. Terror alert 1:02
10. Punishing ferocity 0:45
11. Crow's shadow 0:31
12. As the grass grows 1:42
13. Humanity of stupids (S.O.B.) 0:26
14. Fathered by war 1:28
15. Concrete justice 1:15
16. Pneumatic 0:55
17. Redneck warmachine 1:46
18. Socialistic pressure (Unholy Grave) 1:27
19. Chosen few 0:36
20. Righteous thumper 1:31
21. Propaganda by deed 1:01
22. Men behind the sun 0:21
23. Imaginary invasion 0:48
24. Sink or swim 0:26
25. Dissolution of rights 1:21
26. Untitled 1:33
27. Satiate the oil hogs 1:23
28. Fuck your patriotic pride 0:53
29. Masskontroll (No Security) 2:35
30. Forest of the weasel 0:43
31. Paranoia 1:50
32. Swarming industrial cancer 0:55
33. Bullshit at the ballot box 0:58
34. Hand of the father 0:45
35. Face down in the ditch 0:34
36. Reflections of misery 0:51
37. Explotions of rage 0:38
38. Fuck the TV 0:55
39. Pressurized death mechanism 1:07
40. Radije volim (Cripple bastards) 1:24
41. Helping hand 0:50
42. Condemned system (Terrorizer) 1:04
43. Theat to masculinity 2:08
44. Neutralized 1:24
45. Donkey scapegoat 1:59
46. Abused 1:40
47. Indigenous reovlt 1:02
48. Apathetic shithead 0:56
49. Embrace your failure 1:39
50. Nueclear threat (Violent Headache) 0:46

Saw a request for some Detestation, Signal Lost, and Bread and Water. I'll see about getting those up at one point. The other band I don't actually know, but I'll see if I can track anything down.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Not an upload yet

But more of a question. Been wondering what to do with this rarely updated blog. I know for one thing that files get downloaded like wildfire when I add them, so I'm curious, what do you, the pirates of the datawaves, want to see updated? Do you want this to stick to a more or less pure crust blog? Or would you rather see me expand it into hardcore, power violence, sludge, and punky grind?

Leave a comment if you want to share your opinion. I'll try and get something new up one of these days.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Born/Dead - Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us

Born/Dead - Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us

1. A Look At The World 2:53
2. Waiting 2:44
3. Accuser 0:50
4. Perspective Of Lies That Blind 2:09
5. The Last To Starve 2:31
6. Indigent 3:03
7. C.R.W.M. 3:04
8. I Can't Deal With It 1:54
9. Fantasies Of Success 2:40
10. Deadtime 2:18
11. Homeless 2:16
12. 24 Hostages 0:54
13. Traitor 1:52
14. No One Gets Out Alive 1:15

You know the PW, or at least you should.

Friday, June 1, 2007

DEAD Crossed Out - Discography

Crossed Out - Discography


1. Internal 0:37
2. He-man 2:01
3. Locked In 0:52
4. Fraud 0:45
5. Crown Of Thorns 0:37
6. Force Of Habit 0:58
7. Crutch 2:05
8. Supremacy 0:29
9. Ulcer 0:12
10. Neglect 0:31
11. Suffocate 0:54
12. Selfserve 0:34
13. Homegrown 0:05
14. Crown of Thorns 0:44
15. Internal 0:38
16. Practiced Hatred 0:26
17. Pure Delusion 0:20
18. Society 0:40
19. Lowlife 0:32
20. Scapegoat 0:36
21. Vacuum 0:23
22. No Truth (Christ On Parade) 1:08
23. Fraud (Demo) 0:44
24. Letch (Demo) 1:44
25. Never Forget (Demo) 1:37
26. He-man (Demo) 2:00
27. Suicide of the Species (Demo) 2:20
28. Selfish Achiever (Demo) 1:27
29. Advice? (Demo) 1:31
30. Locked In (Live) 1:03
31. Fraud (Live) 0:54
32. Ulcer (Live) 0:21
33. He-man (Live) 2:13
34. Internal (Live) 0:45
35. Suffocate (Live) 0:59
36. Supremacy (Live) 0:51
37. Force of Habit (Live) 1:12
38. Homegrown (Live) 0:19
39. Selfserve (Live) 0:37
40. Crown of Thorns (Live) 0:55
41. Neglect (Live) 0:45
42. Jihad 0:58
43. Protestor 0:23
44. Pure Delusion (Live) 0:34
45. Lowlife (Live) 0:40
46. Nightstalker (Live) 2:26
47. Practiced Hatred (Live) 0:40

Another not really crust post, but power violence is related enough for me to put this here, as per a request.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Filth of Mankind - The Final Chapter

Filth of Mankind - The Final Chapter

Honestly, I have no idea if this is tagged properly. BUT, It is some fucking awesome doom laden crust a la Stormcrow and the like. Highly suggested.

2.Poszanowanie róznorodnosci3:24
3.W piekle codziennosci4:49
4.Obledna rzeczywistosc4:38
5.Rejs ku zagladzie4:31
7.Cywilizacja jednorazowego uzytku3:01
8.Zamkniety rozdzial8:22

Monday, April 2, 2007

Muga - The Road Of Asura

Muga - The Road Of Asura

Three song demoish thing from my new favorite band. Tracks not on the previously posted S/T, and they're fucking good.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Muga - Muga

Muga - Muga

Fucking amazing japanese crust in the vein of Tragedy and Remains Of The Day, with dueling male/female vocals, and a shit ton of melodic interludes. It's like one day Envy met Nausea, and they had some bastard offspring. Recommended to anyone with EARS.

You know the PW.

Monday, March 26, 2007

DEAD Extinction of Mankind - The Nightmare Seconds and Northern Scum

Extinction of Mankind - The Nightmare Seconds

1. Spare a Thought
2. Without Consent
3. The Nightmare Seconds...
4. Religious Dogma
5. Apathy and Fear
6. Arise
7. Existence Declines
8. Gung-Ho Heroes
9. Two Faces of Evil
10. Desperate Measures
11. Empty Gestures
12. Unheard Cries

Extinction of Mankind - Northern Scum

1. Life should mean Life
2. Fourth Reich Religion
3. Paranoid Delusions
4. Reality Bullshit
5. Seize the Day
6. Blood Pours like Rain
7. D.H.F.C.
8. Multi Media
9. The Final Onslaught
10. Man's Last Breath


Saturday, March 24, 2007

DEAD Saw Throat (Sore Throat) - Inde$troy

Saw Throat (Sore Throat) - Inde$troy

Yet again, not really crust, but fuck it, I do what I want.


Mind of Asian

Ok, so they're not crust, they're kinda just normal hardcore, but fuck it, it's my blog.

PW for both:

Mind of Asian - Akai Hana

Mind of Asian - Chinmoku No Kiri No Naka

DEAD Siege - Drop Dead

Siege - Drop Dead


1.Drop Dead1:07
3.Life Of Hate0:28
7.Cold War1:16
8.Sad But True1:36
9.Grim Reaper7:23

Extinction Of Mankind - Baptised In Shit

Extinction Of Mankind - Baptised In Shit


1 Harvest Of Discontent
2 Baptised In Shit
3 Extinction Of Mankind
4 Homecomer
5 Reverse Effect
6 Pray For The Dawn
7 Plague
8 Scourge
9 Confusion
10 Brain Dead
11 Natural Adaption

Monday, March 19, 2007

Dropdead - Complete Discography

Dropdead - Complete Discography

1.Unjustified Murder1:14
2.Doorway To Extinction0:35
3.Strength In Your Conviction0:56
5.At The Cost Of An Animal0:59
6.Direct Action0:11
8.Chosen Path0:33
10.Bullshit Tradition0:35
11.Wound Runs Deep0:58
12.Do You Choose Life?0:51
14.Only A Fool0:35
15.You Have A Voice1:05
16.Washed Away0:25
17.Living In Fear0:19
18.Confused (Buried Deep)0:28
20.Deliver Yourself0:17
22.Life In Chains0:50
23.End The Slaughter0:12
24.I Will Defy0:29
25.The Truth Behind0:20
26.Fucking Assholes0:19
27.Legacy Of Death0:52
28.No Glory1:08
29.Still You Follow Blindly1:05
30.Wake Of Deception1:13
31.Swedish Medley1:38
32.New World Slaughter0:39
34.Belly Full Of Lies0:22
37.Nazi Atrocities0:21
38.Whatever I Do0:53
39.The Circle Complete2:01

Aus Rotten - The Rotten Agenda

Aus Rotten - The Rotten Agenda

1.The Rotten Agenda1:11
2.Modern Day Witch Hunt4:18
3.Right Wing Warfare3:43
4.The World Bank2:30
6.The Second Rape4:39
7.Plausible Deniability1:59
8.Who's Calling The Shots?2:44
9.Capital Punishment2:31
10.Absent Minded2:09
11.Isolation Or Solution3:02
12.Tax Shelter2:59
13.Media Blackout2:14

Behind Enemy Lines - Know Your Enemy

Behind Enemy Lines - Know Your Enemy

1.Behind Enemy Lines1:53
2.Setting Things Right Again2:55
3.American Made Death Squad2:03
4.Why Does She Stay?3:07
5.The Cure1:32
6.Out of Sight, Out of Mind2:21
8.Murder at the G-8 Summit2:51
9.Voice of Dissent3:51
10.Dogmatic Slumber2:58
11.Fucking Bastards1:45
12.The Growing Wealth Gap2:49

Caustic Christ - Can't Relate

Caustic Christ - Can't Relate

1.Sobriety Sux1:45
2.False Alarm1:18
3.Blank Stare1:06
4.Frat Boy1:43
6.Can't Relate2:01
7.I Infect1:50
8.The Fix2:02
9.Immaculate Deception1:36
10.Satisfied Means Pacified1:43
11.Days Are Numbered1:41
12.Ha, Ha, Ha3:07
13.No Love1:09
15.Bloodsucking Fiends2:00
16.Dead to the World0:58
17.Destructive and Desperate2:21
18.Strangled by Progress2:06
21.Til Death1:08
23.Of a Greater God2:08
24.Life is no longer Amusement1:22
25.Under the Knife1:39

Dropdead - Second LP

Dropdead - Second LP

2.Bitter Fruit (The Seed)0:59
3.Those Who We Deny0:43
4.Tied Down For Survival0:42
6.Idiot Icon1:00
7.The Enemy Within (Part Two)0:41
8.Witch Hunt0:42
9.Nothing Less Than Lost0:46
11.Us And Them1:01
12.One Inside One Hundred0:48
13.Justify Your Violence0:59
14.Spirit Lies Broken0:49
15.Dead Inside0:35
16.Life Disease0:24
17.I Will Stand1:13
18.What Once Was Life2:27

His Hero Is Gone - The Plot Sickens

His Hero Is Gone - The Plot Sickens

2.The Garden0:27
3.What Goes Up1:53
4.Remedy Past Remedies0:46
5.Angry Gods1:51
6.In The Red0:34
7.Outside In0:19
8.Who Benefits0:54
9.The Willing Host1:13
10.Enslavement Redefined1:11
12.Scare Tactic1:43
13.Sound The Alarm0:56
14.Fools Gold0:55
15.Friendly Fire0:55
16.Becoming Soil1:16
17.Raise The Curtain (Jerry's Kids)3:14
19.Disinformation Age1:44
20.Domesticated Breed0:54
21.Ten Dollars A Day1:34
22.Live - Shelter Club, Tokyo, Feb. 199815:39

Garmonbozia - S/T

Garmonbozia - S/T

2.Breaking the silence4:17
3.Hopes turned black1:48
4.Thor's immortal hammer3:22
5.No free ride3:24
6.Lost with nothing to find2:16
7.Hourly wage/Hourly slave45:32

Tragedy - Tragedy

Tragedy - Tragedy

2.The Point of No Return2:01
3.Not Fucking Fodder1:48
4.Never Knowing Peace2:23
5.Confessions of a Suicide Advocate3:59
8.The Intolerable Weight2:23
9.You Are an Experiment2:13
10.Products of a Cold War Depression1:07
11.With Empty Hands Extended3:56
13.Tension Awaiting Imminent Collapse3:53
14.Chemical Imbalance4:36

GISM - Detestation

GISM - Detestation




1.Dual Improvisations for hypochondriac7:30
12.Phenomenal Exile in Schizophrenic Patients8:03
13.hidden track 10:46
14.hidden track 212:31

Witch Hunt - ...As Priorities Decay

Witch Hunt - ...As Priorities Decay

1.Sick Game2:25
2.Mindless Indentity1:22
3.Sugarcoated Yet It Festers Inside1:38
4.By A Thread3:23
5....As Priorities Decay2:54
6.Life In A Box2:47
7.I Am Guilty1:18
8.Legislative Bodies Legislating Bodies1:43
9.Access Denied1:54
10.On My Honor2:20
11.A War On Reality1:51

DEAD Driller Killer - And The Winner Is...

Driller Killer - And The Winner Is...

1.Man Overbored3:05
2.No Rules2:32
3.Fire In The Hole2:02
4.Legalize Murder Now3:12
5.Obsessed By Speed2:22
8.Cyanide Kick2:31
9.Lost Man Landing2:45
10.Skin N' Bones3:04
11.Gated Communities2:44
12.Loose Screw2:39
13.The No Good People7:32

DEAD Hellshock - Only The Dead Know The End Of War

Hellshock - Only The Dead Know The End Of War

1.Your World2:39
2.The Compagny Of Fools3:38
3.Ghost Of The Past3:17
5.Walking Death3:55
6.Who's Scared Now3:00
8.World Darkness4:24
9.The Masquerade3:09

Leftover Crack - Mediocre Generica

Leftover Crack - Mediocre Generica

2.Nazi White Trash3:01
3.Athiest Anthem3:20
4.Good, the Bad and the Leftover Crack2:30
5.Gay Rude Boys Unite2:41
8.Stop the Insanity3:01
9.Crack City Rockers2:32
10.Burning in Water2:07
11.With the Sickeness1:13
12.Born to Die3:44
13.Gay Rude Boys Unite (Instrumental)3:27

Monday, March 12, 2007

Dystopia - Human = Garbage

Dystopia - Human = Garbage

1.Stress Builds Character5:51
2.Hands That Mold6:14
4.Ignorance Of Pride3:26
5.Love // Hate4:43
6.The Middle1:42
7.Slaved Chains2:39
8.Ruptured Silence4:21
9.Green Destroyed2:30
10.Broken Shell3:03
11.Weed Of Wisdom4:29

Hellbastard - In Grind We Crust

Hellbastard - In Grind We Crust

16.AND NOWWW!3:52

His Hero is Gone-15 Counts of Arson

His Hero is Gone-15 Counts of Arson

1.Professional Mindfuckers2:07
2.....And We Burn0:53
5.Sterile Fortress1:44
6.Good Samaritan0:29
7.Hand That Feeds0:21
9.Voluntary Amputation0:52
10.Anthem of the Undesireables0:58
12.Concrete Cage0:37
15.The End Result of 11 Days in the Mental Hospital4:42
18.T-Minus Zero0:29
19.Unvisited Grave1:09
20.Internally Bleeding1:34
22.Marry and Reproduce1:49
23.The End Result of 11 Days in Prison1:11

Amebix - Arise!

Amebix - Arise!

1.The Moor3:10
3.Fear of God3:13
5.Drink+Be Merry6:08
6.Spoils of Victory4:17
9.The Darkest Hour4:55

Toxic Narcotic - 1989-1999

Toxic Narcotic - 1989-1999

1.Junkie Bastard2:10
2.Allston Violence1:53
4.All Bands Suck2:08
5.Fuck You1:21
8.Number 83:49
10.Melting Pot2:06
12.People Suck2:39
13.Alarm Clock1:15
18.Dirty Rat1:27

Extreme Noise Terror - Phonophobia

Extreme Noise Terror - Phonophobia

1.Pray To Be Saved2:27
2.Knee Deep In Shit1:33
3.Self Decay2:15
4.Moral Bondage2:05
5.Just Think About It2:12
6.Lame Brain1:52
7.What Do You Care?2:49
8.Third World Genocide2:02

Behind Enemy Lines - The Global Cannibal

Behind Enemy Lines - The Global Cannibal

1.The Global Cannibal3:03
2.What Did We Expect?1:37
3.Advancing the Cause2:58
4.As Long as I'm Safe2:08
5.Hooked on Christ2:41
6.Cycle of Violence2:03
7.Self-Inflicted Extinction3:00
8.Her Body, Her Decision?3:32
9.The Army Of God2:27
10.The Politics of Hunger1:40
11.Non-Lethal Weapons2:41
12.Light It Up1:33

Doom - Fuck Peaceville

Doom - Fuck Peaceville

3.Slave to Convention0:54
4.After The Bomb1:28
7.War Crimes2:04
9.Sold Out1:55
10.No Thought2:43
11.Free Yourself2:15
12.Police Bastard1:31
13.War On Our Doorstep1:14
15.Sick Joke2:34
17.Phobia For Change2:00
18.A Dream To Come True1:07
19.Relief (Part 2)1:12
20.Beat The Boss1:31
21.Agree To Differ4:23
22.Life In Freedom Governed By Love0:27
23.No Religion2:01
24.Same Mind1:52
25.Drowning In The Mainstream1:58
26.Natural Abuse1:42
28.Bury The Debt (Not The Dead)1:25
29.Money Drug1:33
30.Fear Of The Future2:00
31.Nazi Die2:05
33.Days Go By2:07
34.Stop Gap System1:34
35.Black Monday1:38
36.Means To An End4:44
37.Bastard File In The Urethra of Palul Halmshaw2:24

Whorehouse of Representatives - Decay

Whorehouse of Representatives - Decay

1.Economic Liposuction2:35
2.The Reason's Why2:07
3.Slow Suicide3:16
4.Mr. White Collar2:25
5.The PC Song1:39
6.Prepare to Fight2:46
8.Body Aches2:30
9.Creme of Human Soup3:09
10.Problem Hasn't Gone Away2:08
11.Society's Trap1:17
12.Blinded by Darkness2:17
13.Fuck Authority1:24
15.Die by Myself2:49
16.No Where2:29
18.PC Song 19981:40
19.Greed is a Disease1:46
20.No Purpose, No Gain1:35
21.Educate Your Mind1:56

Doom - Doomed From The Start

Doom - Doomed From The Start

2.Slave To Convention0:59
3.Fear of the Future1:50
4.A Dream To Come True1:18
6.Beat The Boss1:42
8.After The Bomb1:30
9.Terminal Filth Wimpcore Killer1:35
10.Life Rock1:33
11.A Dream To Come True1:10
13.Black Monday1:34
14.Sold Out Scene1:52
15.Bury The Debt (Not The Dead)1:28
16.Agree To Differ4:32
18.Nazi Die2:03
19.Police Bastard1:30
21.Worthless Nothing2:01
22.Happy Pill1:41
23.Trash Breeds Trash2:19
25.Dig Your Grave1:56
26.No Justice2:56
27.Canvas of Lies5:54
28.No Thought2:50
29.Life In Freedom...0:37
30.Means To An End5:18

Ballast - Sound Asleep

Ballast - Sound Asleep

1.Louder Than Words3:55
2.Lorena Bobbitt1:34
3.Unnoticed By Time2:34
4.Day By Day3:44
8.But After The Gig (Reprise)1:54
9.Bad Thoughts4:00
10.Resign Yourself2:50

Driller Killer - Cold, Cheap & Disconnected

Driller Killer - Cold, Cheap & Disconnected

1.Gotta Get A God3:56
2.Breaking Traditions3:48
5.As If!2:26
7.Someones Tomorrow2:37
8.I Love Playing With Fire (Joan Jett)3:07
9.Day Of No Hope2:59
11.In The Name Of Namedroppin6:38
12.Pegintron Side Fx Hell4:48
13.Fountain Of Shit4:20
14.Disturbed And Unclean3:28

Tragedy - Nerve Damage

Tragedy - Nerve Damage

1.Eyes Of Madness3:23
2.Force Of Law3:17
3.Rabid Panic2:15
4.Deaf And Disbelieving3:02
5.The Hunger2:16
6.In Formation (Instrumental)2:57
7.Total Vision3:18
10.Under The Radar3:12
11.Plan Of Execution2:49