Thursday, July 3, 2008

Muga/Swarrrm split

I know, I know, slacking again. This is pretty much just a place holder, I've got some shit lined up, I just need to actually up it and shit.

So, yea, I finally fucking found the Swarrrm/Muga split I've been looking for ever since I saw it on Muga's site over a year ago. Let me say, it's almost worth the wait? Why only almost? Well, the Swarrrm side kills it. Not to say the Swarrrm tracks are bad, they're still great. The problem is, every single Swarrrm track is just a track off of Black Bong, just with a different name. Kinda disappointing, as I was hoping for something new. The Muga side, however, is completely new, and completely fucking AWESOME. May be the best shit they've put out yet. Only three tracks and an intro, and no titles, but damn do they make this split worth it. Decently long tracks too, so while there are only a few, they stick around and stay memorable. Highly recommended, if just for their shit.

Link, care of the Cephalochromoscope blog. Not gonna jack the guys upload, but figured I'd at least point you guys in the right direction. He's got a lot of other nice grind releases up (including a metric fuckton of Swarrrm).