Thursday, October 23, 2008

Muga - There Is Nothing Eternal Exists


Muga - There Is Nothing Eternal Exists

I'm fucking listening right now, for the first time, so I can't even formulate a true comment on its quality.



So, yea, I'm done being a fanboy for now, so here's my honest opinion. It's sorta better than their self titled. Why sorta? Well, I'll say that overall, the songs on Eternal are superior, but I personally felt that the S/T had a much better flow to it. Also, two of the songs on Eternal are just re-recordings of Road To Asura songs, so that takes off a few points (but hey, we have titles for two of those tracks now!).

The tracks though, oh god. The last two make the album worth it. Wings of Hope starts with an acoustic guitar straight out of a Leone movie, and it's just badass (though I love western style acoustic guitars). It just slowly adds more instruments and speed until it gets to the crescendo, and then FUCKBAM, awesome. Some sort of neo-crust western theme for the new millennium. Then, after this we get the album ender, The Womb and the Universe. I was worried, because Journey To The End was so perfect, I figured Muga couldn't top it with their new one. I was wrong. Taking a page form Wormwood, they add in all sorts of weird outsider instruments, like a piano and some haunting diabolic organ towards the last third of the track. It's a lot slower than most Muga tracks, and actually sounds pretty mournful, even with all the crust that's still there.

But seriously, the album wins for those last two tracks alone. Add in the other seven, and you have just a phenomenal album, and a worthy successor to their self titled.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


So, someone requested the rest of Skaven after I upped their recent split with Stormcrow, and since I aim to please, I present....the rest of Skaven. At least the rest that I have.

So, I'll say again, Skaven play old school doomy crust a la Deviated Instinct, you know, the shit that's HEAVILY influenced by the likes of Bolt Thrower. They take their name from the rat race in Warhammer (a nod to Bolt Thrower, who take their name from a gun in the same universe), and on these two releases, actually sound pretty good. Much better than the Stormcrow split at least.

Also, Blessed... is a split with fucking DYSTOPIA, so it's instantly worth it for that.

Skaven - Skaven
Skaven/Dystopia - Blessed Are The Worms... For They Shall Inherit The Earth