Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Crustmas

Got some presents for you lot, enjoy:

Hotbild - Vermod

Hotbild is a blackened crust band, though a better description is crustened black band. Really just a crust band with pure black metal vocals, kind of like what Darkthrone's been doing lately, except not as lame. Last song is fucking great though, which is really the only reason I'm uploading it.

Thin The Herd - Mournful And Overcast
Thin The Herd - Demo

Thin The Herd sounds like something I haven't posted in a long fucking time: crust. That's right, ole Zero is posting some honest to goodness His Hero Is Gone style crust. Good shit too. Demo is slightly less produced, but still generally awesomeness, while Mournful is slightly more melodic, but still more focused on speed/brutality. The female vocalist here has some fucking nasty vocals too, reminds me a bit of Renae from Skarp.

High On Crime - Two Piece By Necessity...D.I.Y. By Choice Demo
High On Crime - Until No Flags Fly

I mentioned these guys in my last post, saying Black September contains some members. Like I said, not sure WHICH members, but whatever. High On Crime is kinda similar to Thin The Herd, with that good ole crusty sound, though they also got a bit of power violence in them. Think the lovechild of Godstomper and Besthöven. Good shit though.

Black Noise Cannon - Unsaved: The reality of the silent war

Black Noise Cannon are a sludge band made up of former members of Christdriver. That's really all I should have to say. But to continue, what we get here is 3 songs, totaling 55 minutes. This isn't dirty EyeHateGod sludge here, this is epic long Neurosis shit, and it's really really good. I saw these guys with Corrupted, and didn't know who they were, but after seeing their set I immediately needed to buy their CD. Sad to say that the CD doesn't quite live up to their live show, but that's a tall order in the first place. Definitely worth downloading if you want some slow as fuck doomsludge with a misanthropic bent.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Black September - Tide of the Storm

Well now this is awesome. Crusty/death metaly shit in the vein of Bolt Thrower and Stormcrow, except this time with a chick vocalist. Badass. Contains members from Kungfu Rick and High on Crime too, which is further badass. Dunno, not much to say about it, other than the fact that this upload is slaughtering my connection. Note to self, don't upload while on DSL.

Black September - Tide of the Storm