Thursday, March 19, 2009


Late as per usual.

So, this is Ghostlimb. Found them thanks to an Anon on /mu/, who said that the vocalist of Graf Orlock's other band (this one) destroyed Graf. Being a huge fan of Graf Orlock, I had to check them out and let me say, it ain't far from the truth. Ghostlimb eschews Graf's nerd referential grindcore in favor of hyper fast, hyper melodic hardcore. Think what Wake Up On Fire or Nux Vomica do, except less grind/crust. It's really quite awesome though, and I find myself going back to both their releases every few days. Highly recommended for fans of the melodic crust stuff I post.

Ghostlimb - S/T
Ghostlimb - Bearing and Distance

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Filth/Blatz - Shit Split

So, long time no post (again). Oops. No excuses, but here's something worth grabbing. This here is the Shit Split, which is Filth (with I think everything they've done) and Blatz (who I have no idea what this consists of). Filth is pretty awesome crusty punk with some interesting vocals, Blatz is general punk with a pretty grating vocalist. Not a big fan of them, but maybe some of you will like them.

Filth Side
Blatz Side