Sunday, June 19, 2011

Embers - Shadows

Sup fuckers. Been a while.

Embers - Shadows

This came to me from the band themselves. Normally I'm too lazy to do band requests (sorry guys, you're probably awesome but I'm easily distracted) but today was a lazy Sunday so I figured I'd give it a listen. What I got (so far, on a few minutes in) is some haunting/melodic black metal with tinges of crust. Weird shit, sorta reminds me of Book Of Black Earth. Sounds pretty unlike the other Embers shit I have too, but it's quality. The link above is to their bandcamp page. Sliding scale digital download (with no minimum). So you douches can stream the whole thing and then give them money. It's a win win situation.

And no, this is not a sign I'm back to regular posting.