Thursday, November 12, 2009

I have a request

Ok, not one to usually do this, but if anyone can find a FULL recording of this (likely a live one), I will be eternally grateful. It's known as "The Monster", and it's a 30+ minute long track by Nux Vomica. This little excerpt is flat out amazing, and I'd love to hear the full thing.

Worth listening to even if you don't have the full version.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE / The Warren of Snares

Anyone still out there? No? Cool.

This here is the Warren Of Snares trilogy by Fall of Efrafa. They call themselves post hardcore, but they sound like neocrust to me (sorry guys, know you dislike the tag but that's what you sound like). Anyways, music. Three albums of epic sweeping emotional melodic heaviness, all to the tune of Richard Adam's Watership Down. This is really some of the best music I have, long songs that never overstay their welcome, complex melodies that latch their hooks into you, a pulsing underlying anger always threatening to overtake everything, all wrapped up in one of the most complete concepts ever realised in music. Listen to it in order, all at once.

Links removed at request of band. You should be able to find them for purchase pretty easily though.

I know Owsla is missing track seven, that's on purpose as it's a bonus track that isn't actually a part of the trilogy. I may upload it later along with stuff like their split, demo, and Tharn.

Also, just because of the quote I used in the title, have some Altered Beast Demo. Short fast and fun thrashcore. Fuck yea, good to be back in business.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dystopia/Suffering Luna Split

One for the road.

A small file, so it was one of the few I was able to get up. Suffering Luna just reunited pretty recently, so that's amazing. This is half of the stuff they've done, the other half is on a split with Gasp.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It was fun while it lasted.

So, looks like Crustmas is at an end. I cannot upload anything, I lose internet within a minute of trying. Until Comcast stop being complete fucking cunts or I move and get a different provider, that's it. Crustmas is no more.

I have a few things sitting in MediaFire already which I'll post later this week, but that will likely be the last of them, for a while at least.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Harum Scarum - Suppose We Try

Trying to get as much up before Comcast screws me over. So here, more Harum Scarum. See below for description.

Suppose We Try to destroy Comcast.

Also, apologies for the password on the Demo, I don't know how that happened, but it's removed.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Harum Scarum - Demo (also, fuck Comcast)

So, I WAS going to upload a further two albums by Harum Scarum, but Comcast see fit to turn off my internet midway, every time. Took three tries just to get this one up. If anyone knows how to get around this, please let me know. Shit sucks.

Now, on to this album. Harum Scarum is a crust band with a chick vocalist (or two? Dunno). Has some clean vocals and some nice gurgley growls. Pretty melodic and I can't think of much else to say. Filling a request from a comment on my MySpazz.

Harum Scarum - Demo

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Skarp - Requiem

And I'm back (again). School and life intervened, but that's done now (fuck yea graduated). Hopefully, since I have fuck all else to do until I find a job, I'll post more often. Starting now, with this little jem:

Skarp - Requiem

Skarp are a "blackout grind" band from here in Seattle. Really, blackout grind just means some crazy awesome crusty grind shit, kinda like Nux Vomica or those other bands I rave about. This is their latest album, which is sad because it's fucking four years old. I've been playing the SHIT out of this since buying it at a show of theirs two weeks ago, especially the title track. Renae has some of the absolute best female vocals in extreme music, hands down. Only one who can compare is Mis (from Moonshine). Super punishing, but never losing its melody, this is worth a listen.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Late as per usual.

So, this is Ghostlimb. Found them thanks to an Anon on /mu/, who said that the vocalist of Graf Orlock's other band (this one) destroyed Graf. Being a huge fan of Graf Orlock, I had to check them out and let me say, it ain't far from the truth. Ghostlimb eschews Graf's nerd referential grindcore in favor of hyper fast, hyper melodic hardcore. Think what Wake Up On Fire or Nux Vomica do, except less grind/crust. It's really quite awesome though, and I find myself going back to both their releases every few days. Highly recommended for fans of the melodic crust stuff I post.

Ghostlimb - S/T
Ghostlimb - Bearing and Distance

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Filth/Blatz - Shit Split

So, long time no post (again). Oops. No excuses, but here's something worth grabbing. This here is the Shit Split, which is Filth (with I think everything they've done) and Blatz (who I have no idea what this consists of). Filth is pretty awesome crusty punk with some interesting vocals, Blatz is general punk with a pretty grating vocalist. Not a big fan of them, but maybe some of you will like them.

Filth Side
Blatz Side

Thursday, January 29, 2009


So, I caught Amebix's show on Tuesday, and I had forgotten how fucking amazing they were. Figured I might as well just upload everything I have by them, so here you go.

No Sanctuary
Who's The Enemy?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gehenna - Upon The Grave Hill REMOVED BY REQUEST

Apologies for not posting in almost a month. I have no excuse.

This here is Gehenna, no relation to the black metal band though. This is mean as fuck all metallic hardcore. Almost approaches grind (may be grind for all I know, fuck genres).

Removed at request of Gehenna
Buy it here.

Also, Razorback Records just put out an album from a band called Acid Witch. I'm not uploading, since they JUST PUT IT OUT, but you're an industrious lot. I highly recommend checking it out, as it's some damn fine drug soaked death/doom.