Thursday, March 5, 2009

Filth/Blatz - Shit Split

So, long time no post (again). Oops. No excuses, but here's something worth grabbing. This here is the Shit Split, which is Filth (with I think everything they've done) and Blatz (who I have no idea what this consists of). Filth is pretty awesome crusty punk with some interesting vocals, Blatz is general punk with a pretty grating vocalist. Not a big fan of them, but maybe some of you will like them.

Filth Side
Blatz Side


Justin said...

the filth side was my jam when it came out (i am old). later, when i moved to the bay area, i befriended dave e.c. (the drummer) who told me a funny story about filth playing a house party in the south. apparently a bunch of rednecks showed up with bats and they had to lock all the doors and call the cops to save them. ha! i also once saw a crusty kid on the street ask dave for money. when he told him he didn't have any the kid called him a poser. this guy had at least three filth patches on his jacket. that's unity for you.
some people only like the blatz side.
thanks for both, yo.

Rhinocerouslip Bumcrack said...

Nice one for this. Good fucking sound quality too. I was asking someone recently if they had heard this. They hadn't. The Filth vocals were a def high point.