Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Crustmas

Got some presents for you lot, enjoy:

Hotbild - Vermod

Hotbild is a blackened crust band, though a better description is crustened black band. Really just a crust band with pure black metal vocals, kind of like what Darkthrone's been doing lately, except not as lame. Last song is fucking great though, which is really the only reason I'm uploading it.

Thin The Herd - Mournful And Overcast
Thin The Herd - Demo

Thin The Herd sounds like something I haven't posted in a long fucking time: crust. That's right, ole Zero is posting some honest to goodness His Hero Is Gone style crust. Good shit too. Demo is slightly less produced, but still generally awesomeness, while Mournful is slightly more melodic, but still more focused on speed/brutality. The female vocalist here has some fucking nasty vocals too, reminds me a bit of Renae from Skarp.

High On Crime - Two Piece By Necessity...D.I.Y. By Choice Demo
High On Crime - Until No Flags Fly

I mentioned these guys in my last post, saying Black September contains some members. Like I said, not sure WHICH members, but whatever. High On Crime is kinda similar to Thin The Herd, with that good ole crusty sound, though they also got a bit of power violence in them. Think the lovechild of Godstomper and Besthöven. Good shit though.

Black Noise Cannon - Unsaved: The reality of the silent war

Black Noise Cannon are a sludge band made up of former members of Christdriver. That's really all I should have to say. But to continue, what we get here is 3 songs, totaling 55 minutes. This isn't dirty EyeHateGod sludge here, this is epic long Neurosis shit, and it's really really good. I saw these guys with Corrupted, and didn't know who they were, but after seeing their set I immediately needed to buy their CD. Sad to say that the CD doesn't quite live up to their live show, but that's a tall order in the first place. Definitely worth downloading if you want some slow as fuck doomsludge with a misanthropic bent.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Black September - Tide of the Storm

Well now this is awesome. Crusty/death metaly shit in the vein of Bolt Thrower and Stormcrow, except this time with a chick vocalist. Badass. Contains members from Kungfu Rick and High on Crime too, which is further badass. Dunno, not much to say about it, other than the fact that this upload is slaughtering my connection. Note to self, don't upload while on DSL.

Black September - Tide of the Storm

Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's Thanksgiving.

So, thanks guys.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Star Fucking Hipsters - Until We're Dead

So, apparently this came out back in September, but I only just found out. Lame.

Anyways, this is Star Fucking Hipsters. If you don't know, they're a band with Stz and Arj from Leftover Crack, and some people from World/Inferno and this other band. As you probably know, I'm a huge fan of Leftover Crack, and no, I don't want to hear any shit on how un-punk or how sold out they are. Die. But SFH, awesome. Saw them in Tomkins earlier this year, was fun. This here is their first, and so far only album, and I fucking love it. It sounds almost nothing like Leftover Crack or Choking Victim, trading in the crust influence for a more poppy sound. THIS IS NOT A BAD THING. All it does it makes the songs hyper catchy and melodic as hell. Quite enjoyable. Surprisingly very few "angry" songs, with a larger focus on melancholy and shit. And I love me some melancholy. The three songs with this, Broken, Empty Lies, and Only Sleep, are actually so fucking good, this may be my personal album of the year (if it can dethrone There Is Nothing Eternal Exists).

Seriously, this is a great album.

Star Fucking Hipsters - Until We're Dead

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Warhammer 48k - Uber Om

Finished my physics homework, figured it was a good time for an upload.

Warhammer 48k is some sort of weird freaked out psych sludge. Think the slower parts to a Gasp track. Lot of discordant noise, but also some nice hooks and shit. Weird. Not too many vocals, and they're all sort of out of tune yells and shit, though it fits the odd atmosphere of the tracks. But, my absolute favorite weirdness comes in the track Haunted Abortion, where the end sounds like some bastard love child between Yeah Yeah Yeahs (fuck you, they're awesome) and something else. I don't know where I was going with that, but it's epic.

Most of you probably won't like this, but I don't give a shit.

Uber Om

Monday, November 10, 2008

V/A - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I'm bored, and don't quite feel like coding while waiting for the missus to arrive, so, AN UPDATE! HUZZAH!.

I've been meaning to put this comp up for a while now, and finally got around to it. This here is some random comp I found online while looking for some Floor tracks. What it is is one of the more eclectic compilations I've seen, with sludge to stoner to power violence to grind. Shit like Floor right next to Discordance Axis. Badass. Really fuzzy production, not really sure of the source (I'm assuming 7"). Split into three albums inside the comp (bet you can't guess the names). Worth the download.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Here's the full artist list:

Floor, Cavity, 16, Toadliquor, Thug, La Gritona, Fork, Craw, Slughog, Ice Nine, Discordance Axis, Apartment 213, Devoid of Faith, Damad, Spazz, Enemy Soil, Suppression

Now tell me that line-up doesn't make you wet.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Masterpeace - World Is One

So, found some more Masterpeace, and figured it was time for a new upload, so here you go:

Masterpeace - World Is One

Contained within is a comp track, or something. Pretty decent track, though I don't think it's quite up to anything off their other albums. Also included is the World is One EP. Weird EP, starts off with a hip-hop song or something (made me think I got the wrong Masterpeace at first), but then goes right back into their nice blend of ballistic hardcore. They don't really do anything new here, but if you liked their last album, you'll like this one just fine.

Also, the Seeeing Red blog is a thief and a retard. I remember when it just started out, it did so by taking one of my uploads, and now they deny taking another, even with proof. They could at least fucking credit.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Muga - There Is Nothing Eternal Exists


Muga - There Is Nothing Eternal Exists

I'm fucking listening right now, for the first time, so I can't even formulate a true comment on its quality.



So, yea, I'm done being a fanboy for now, so here's my honest opinion. It's sorta better than their self titled. Why sorta? Well, I'll say that overall, the songs on Eternal are superior, but I personally felt that the S/T had a much better flow to it. Also, two of the songs on Eternal are just re-recordings of Road To Asura songs, so that takes off a few points (but hey, we have titles for two of those tracks now!).

The tracks though, oh god. The last two make the album worth it. Wings of Hope starts with an acoustic guitar straight out of a Leone movie, and it's just badass (though I love western style acoustic guitars). It just slowly adds more instruments and speed until it gets to the crescendo, and then FUCKBAM, awesome. Some sort of neo-crust western theme for the new millennium. Then, after this we get the album ender, The Womb and the Universe. I was worried, because Journey To The End was so perfect, I figured Muga couldn't top it with their new one. I was wrong. Taking a page form Wormwood, they add in all sorts of weird outsider instruments, like a piano and some haunting diabolic organ towards the last third of the track. It's a lot slower than most Muga tracks, and actually sounds pretty mournful, even with all the crust that's still there.

But seriously, the album wins for those last two tracks alone. Add in the other seven, and you have just a phenomenal album, and a worthy successor to their self titled.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


So, someone requested the rest of Skaven after I upped their recent split with Stormcrow, and since I aim to please, I present....the rest of Skaven. At least the rest that I have.

So, I'll say again, Skaven play old school doomy crust a la Deviated Instinct, you know, the shit that's HEAVILY influenced by the likes of Bolt Thrower. They take their name from the rat race in Warhammer (a nod to Bolt Thrower, who take their name from a gun in the same universe), and on these two releases, actually sound pretty good. Much better than the Stormcrow split at least.

Also, Blessed... is a split with fucking DYSTOPIA, so it's instantly worth it for that.

Skaven - Skaven
Skaven/Dystopia - Blessed Are The Worms... For They Shall Inherit The Earth

Friday, September 26, 2008

Skaven/Stormcrow Split

What's that, TWO uploads in a day? I said I was back, bitches.

So, a while ago someone requested this split. I wanted it too, but then I forgot about it. Well, I just got it yesterday, so I figure I'd throw it up in case that person didn't do the wise thing and look elsewhere.

What we have here is Skaven and Stormcrow, the new breed of dark doomy crust a la Deviated Instinct. In all honesty, I found this split kind of weak. Skaven's track is really not their best, and while the Stormcrow side is awesome (it's Stormcrow, it can't not be awesome), it's still not up to Enslaved in Darkness. But whatever, it's not BAD, just, could have been better.

Stormcrow/Skaven Split

Faaaaaaaast As A Burning Missile!

Yes, another update. Somewhat worthless, as it seems most people abandoned checking for updates. Don't really blame em, but I am going to try to update more. Have a ton of things all lined up.

First up here is Faaaaaaaast As A Burning Missile! Awesome compilation, similar to the Bleaaaugh comps Slap-A-Ham put out. 99 songs of power violence, hardcore, crust, and grind. Songs are longer than similar comps, with the longest coming in at almost 3 minutes, and the average being around 45 seconds to a minute. 1.6 hours total, and that's 1.6 hours of awesome. Fun Fact: This is how I found Masterpeace.

Faaaaaaaast As A Burning Missile!

Tell your friends, Zero's back.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Genghis Tron

Ah Genghis Tron. Easily one of my favorite bands, if not my absolute favorite. Plays a stupid crazy mix of electronic and grind, and more recently even some drone and other shit, and it's just awesome. You fuckers might not like it, but oh well. Really nice guys though, and they came from where I used to live in NY. Put on a fun as fuck show too.

Cape of Hate

Cape of Hate is their first limited EP, released in an edition of something like 150 on Crucial Blast. Has a couple of nice remixes and some dark ambient interludes. Fun times.

The Unit

Single song "demo", recorded for Revolver magazine on their little mini studio they used to lug around. It's an ok track, and nice to have for completeness sake, but eh, they've done better.


Quick demo of Colony Collapse that was on their MySpace, few months before Board Up The House came out.

Laser Bitch

Their first demo, containing old versions of songs that would appear on Cloak of Love. If anyone has a copy for sale, let me know, I want this bad.

Cloak of Love

Their first real full length, and arguably some of their best material. Short as fuck EP, but full of great fast as fuck all REAL cybergrind, none of that shitty 'scene kid with Fruity Loops' MySpace bullshit. Even if they do actually use Fruity Loops...

Triple Black Diamond

Their second limited remix EP, containing a bunch of Dead Mountain Mouth remixes, some live tracks, and a demo from Board Up The House. Has an awesome ten minute drone noise mix of Dead Mountain Mouth on it.

Board Up The House

Their most recent album, just released on Relapse earlier this year (so this will probably get deleted soonish). Currently my personal vote for album of the year, but I'm a fanboy, so make yer own decision. Much more evolved than their previous shit. Less chaotic, a bit more refined, kind of like the change Swarrrm made between Thee Imitation Messiahs and Black Bong.

Dead Mountain Mouth

First full length. Awesome album, but I'm getting tired of typing descriptions, so that's all you get.

Some Graf Orlock is next, I'll try to get to requests one of these days.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Aguirre/Hongo Split

Blah blah blah, quick post to prove I'm still alive. Tons of shit uploaded, but this is all you get for now. Hongo, scroll down for a description. Aguirre is like epic melodic sludge, think Isis or later Neurosis. Good times, and not as tired and cliched as you'd think.

Aguirre/Hongo Split

No pw anymore, as Mediafire is lame now.

Expect a shit ton of Genghis Tron (everything, as far as I know), and a shit ton of Graf Orlock (same deal) tomorrow or something. Depends on when I get bored at school.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ok, this isn't my fault this time.

So, I actually was planning on updating more, until I remembered why I ditched DSL for Cable. I'm at my parent's place, and the DSL here is slow as HELL (comparatively). Add in the fact that the missus keeps playing WoW, and I can't upload for shit. I figure I'll take this time to take more requests. I have a bunch of the older requests lined up, and will be uploaded when I return to Washington next week, and I've also got the Aguirre/Hongo split, and probably going to upload a ton of Graf Orlock and Genghis Tron, because fuck you, they're awesome. Anything specific people are wanting though? I'm always game for a hunt.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


It was brought to my attention yesterday that it has been a while since I posted. Guess my last post was a lie. Oh well, fuck it, I'm here now, uploading on slow as shitass connection. See if I can do more in the next week or so, as I'm actually on vacation now. I have a bunch of those requests still to fill, just sitting around.

What we have here is Hongo. More of that surprisingly awesome spanish epic crust, a la Ictus and Blunt. Pretty good, though they tend to sound less crust and more Envy-ish. Depends on the song really. Not really a bad thing though, still that way-too-long-songs hyper melodic with screamed vocals thing that's all the rage, and they don't fuck it up.

Got the Demo from 2004 here, and also their album Formas De Vida Que Se Precipitan Hacia Su Destrucción, which means "Who the fuck am I kidding, I don't know Spanish"....

Also have a split with Aguirre, which I actually quite like, but I'll probably post that in another two months.

Demo 2004
Formas De Vida Que Se Precipitan Hacia Su Destrucción

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Muga/Swarrrm split

I know, I know, slacking again. This is pretty much just a place holder, I've got some shit lined up, I just need to actually up it and shit.

So, yea, I finally fucking found the Swarrrm/Muga split I've been looking for ever since I saw it on Muga's site over a year ago. Let me say, it's almost worth the wait? Why only almost? Well, the Swarrrm side kills it. Not to say the Swarrrm tracks are bad, they're still great. The problem is, every single Swarrrm track is just a track off of Black Bong, just with a different name. Kinda disappointing, as I was hoping for something new. The Muga side, however, is completely new, and completely fucking AWESOME. May be the best shit they've put out yet. Only three tracks and an intro, and no titles, but damn do they make this split worth it. Decently long tracks too, so while there are only a few, they stick around and stay memorable. Highly recommended, if just for their shit.

Link, care of the Cephalochromoscope blog. Not gonna jack the guys upload, but figured I'd at least point you guys in the right direction. He's got a lot of other nice grind releases up (including a metric fuckton of Swarrrm).

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

Long time no post, but that's common for this here blog. Summer school and Metal Gear games have kept me away, but I have nothing better to do at this moment (except more Metal Gear), so I figured I'd upload something I've been meaning to.

Hark! It's a Crawling Tar-Tar

What we have here is the really stupidly named Hark! It's A Crawling Tar-Tar. I have no idea what the fuck a Tar-Tar is, or why it's crawling, or why that's so interesting as to use old English vernacular, but I do know that this is fucking AWESOME crust on par with Muga (and as you guys know, I'm a fucking fangirl for Muga). Don't let the first track scare you with it's harsh noise intro, this album quickly turns into some good ole melodic punishing crust. I'll admit, they sound REALLY fucking derivative of Tragedy, but in my personal opinion, completely one-up their inspiration in terms of quality. Two vocalists, one doing the classic deep crust growl thing, the other sounds almost like the guy from Masterpeace, and it fucking works. Seriously, get this, it's worth the wait.

I'll see if I can get to the requests that have piled up one of these days. Hopefully won't be another two months before my next post.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Smörgåsbord of requests filled

Oh shits, is that some descriptors?

Well well well, Dystopia's swan song has finally been released after years in limbo. Is it worth the wait? you may ask, and for that, you're a retard. It's a new fucking Dystopia album, of course it's worth the god damn wait. And while it's not as good as Human=Garbage (not much is), it's still one of the best albums released in recent times, and should be required listening to have ears.
Dystopia - Dystopia

This shit was actually pretty damn awesome. Earlier stuff appears to be more power violency, but this album is almost thrash at points, but remains hardcore enough. Crossover maybe? I don't know, fuck genres. It's awesome though, Conan-influenced, beat-the-shit-out-of-hordes angry hardcore, and pretty damn catchy too. Thanks whoever recommended these guys.
Crom - Hot Sumerian Nights

Let me preface this by saying these albums really have no rational reason for being here, unless you count the very thin ties between black metal and crust, but fuck it, I'm eclectic. Fall of the Bastards play black/thrash type shit, but balance the two genres pretty well. It doesn't sound like your general black metal, actually has decent production, and is also pretty damn thrashy (obviously). They don't really fall into that GR1MM3R TH4N THOV stereotype of most bm bands, and that's a nice change. Same goes for Book of Black Earth. Wormwood, on the other hand, is some of the most fantastically fucked sludge ever. They're playing their last show in a few weeks, sadly, so maybe I'll up some of their other shit. Sounds sorta like Gasp and EyeHateGod had a bastard love child, and Mr Bungle came in from nowhere to give it a pearl necklace.
Fall of the Bastards - Where The Dead Hang From Trees
Fall of the Bastards - Dusk of an Ancient Age
Fall of the Bastards/Book of Black Earth Split
Fall of the Bastards/Wormwood Split

Filled a request with this one, or else I probably wouldn't have posted it. What you have here is some general purpose crust, nothing fancy. It's not bad per se, but it doesn't do anything really new, and it doesn't have that awesome melodic side that gets me all wet, so it was forgettable. But hey, if you like this type of shiz, all the more power to you.
Initial State - Abort The Soul

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


So, yea, I'm sorta running out of shit to upload, or at least I can't think of anything off the top of my head at the moment, which means it's time to ask for requests. If I don't have something already, I'll try and track it down, but if you want to see something new here in the near future, best bet is to ask for it. Comment this entry with anything you want. If you just want to see different shit, you can also request genres. I listen to pretty much everything, so chances are I'd have something new.

Monday, March 24, 2008

A lo, Zero said there shalt be crust...

And there was. And there was much rejoicing.

Four bands represented here: Blünt, Nagasaki Nightmare, Ictus, and This Thing Called Dying. Mostly I upped these releases for Blünt and Ictus though.

First off is Blünt, who are fucking awesome. If you like the whole Tragedy/From Ashes Rise/EVERY-FUCKING-ONE style of crust that's oh-so-popular nowadays, you owe it to yourself to check out their releases. They fucking ramp the melody up to fucking eleven, and make some of the catchiest god damn crust I've ever heard. If you don't have the main riff from El Fin Dio Sufrimientio stuck in your head after a single listen, you must be deaf. Their split with Nagasaki Nightmare has vastly better production of the two albums, so I recommended that one over their self titled.

Speaking of Nagasaki Nightmare, I upped their side of the split too. They too play melodic new crust shit, but in all honesty, I've listened to their side once, and went straight back to Blünt's side. If you like them though, I can upload their superior album, Grind Tradizionale Barese.

Next is This Thing Called Dying, who play completely fucked ballistic crust/hardcore/grind. There's still that melody that seems to be a requirement for crust nowadays, but it's hidden under waves of furious guitar and drums, and manic vocals. It's pretty good times, and better than I remember.

Last but not least is Ictus, who round out the split with This Thing Called Dying, and also have their own album, Imperivm. Let me preface this by saying, if you like Fall of Efrafa, do not hesitate to download this band. Only two tracks from them, but with a sixteen minute track form the split, and the whopping thirty nine minute single track that makes up Imperivm, you don't need much else. This is epic crust of the highest caliber. They pull off massive songs without a single god damn dull spot, which some bands can't even pull off at fucking two minutes, let alone almost a fucking hour. It's a daunting listen, but it's well worth the reward.

Blünt - Blünt
Blünt/Nagasaki Nightmare split
Ictus/This Thing Called Dying split
Ictus - Imperivm

Monday, February 25, 2008

Every repost is a repost

I'm sick and missing class, so that means I'm actually gonna upload some shit for you guys.

First, here's a better copy of Iskra's self titled, courtesy of Spetsnaz. Apologies for upping a bad copy previously, if you grabbed it, it would be wise to get this one:

Iskra - Iskra

Here's some more uploads that aren't mine:

Godstomper/Magrudergrind Split 7"
Rhino Charge - Rhino Charge

Both are old To Live A Lie releases, uploaded by Will (the owner) due to them being out of print. I'm always raving about TLAL, but they deserve it, their prices are unbeatable, and they carry the most awesome assortment of shit in existence.


Axegrinder - Rise of the Serpent Men
Hellshock - Only The Dead Know The End of War
Driller Killer - And The Winner Is...
Siege - Drop Dead
Baroness - Second
Baroness - Red Album
Saw Throat - Inde$troy
Nausea - Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 1

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Moonshine - Moonshine

Noticed this one was removed.

Moonshine - Moonshine

Look back a few posts for a description, but I'll at least reiterate that this should be required listening. I can say in all honesty that this is one of the best albums I've put on this blog.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Bunch of reposts

So, I'm seeing if these things last longer if I scramble the file names. MF is a bitch though, and made it so that I can't password protect my files anymore. So, would you kindly not jack my uploads, or if you do, at least give credit back?

I'm much too lazy to rewrite descriptions again, and since these are all re-ups, you guys can just look back through old posts for the description.

Yeti - Volume, Obliteration, Transcendence
Wake Up On Fire - Wake Up On Fire
Wake Up On Fire - Demo
Pretty Little Flower - Complete Grindcore Annihilation
Los Crudos - Discographia
Destroy - Discography 1990-1994
Crossed Out - Discography 1990-1993

I'll see about getting a description for the Fall of the Bastards I have sitting around so I can post that later.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Facedowninshit - Nothing Positive, Only Negative

Putting up an old one that got killed for whatever reason.

Facedowninshit - Nothing Positive, Only Negative

No clue, but for some reason I had this tagged as crust. Well, what you get here is sludge, pretty much Eyehategod worship, long, plodding fuzzed out NOLA sound. It's nothing amazingly special, but it does what it does well.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


The first of some of my promised uploads:

Red Album

I think this is all their non-split stuff. Could be wrong though.

For those that don't know, Baroness play sludge, though not all mean Eyehategod sludge, they play happier(relatively) sludge. First and Second are their first two EPs, and are a bit darker, harsher, underproduced, other synonyms for sludgy. Though, even with that, they're still catchy as fuck all.

Red Album is their newest, and if you follow the metal press at all, you'd see this album has been getting a crazy amount of accolades all last year. I agree with the press on this one, Red Album is in my top 3 albums for 2007 (along with High on Fire's Death Is This Communion and Swarrrm's Black Bong). Red Album takes all the catchyness of the first two EPs, makes it a little less mean, and makes a full album of it. It still has that wrath of sludge, but it just progresses so well that you just get going. I suck at descriptions, but fuck it, this is worth a download.

Some whoring, and a taste of things to come.

Just wanted to put it out there that To Live A Lie released the Hip Cops/Gate split 7" a little while back, but I just finally got around to ordering it. I haven't heard it yet, but from what I've heard of Gate and Hip Cops, it's sure to be awesome. You guys should probably grab it too, as it's cheap as hell, and supporting the smaller labels and shit is integral for new music.

Also, I have a ton of stuff uploaded, just not posted. I'll see if I can get it up tomorrow. Nothing that really fits here, but I have some Baroness and Fall of the Bastards, and an album by This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb. If you want the Pipe Bomb album, it's already up over at Nuke The Cross, where they ganked it from me. They put more effort into track lists and pictures than I ever will.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Swarrrm - Nise Kyûseishu Domo

So, I never did what I said I was going to, but you guys should be used to that by now. I do have some uploads planned, like all of Graf Orlock, some sludge, grind, and probably some stoner, since that's what I've been listening to recently.

As for todays upload, you get my favorite Swarrrm full length. If you don't know Swarrrm, you suck. Swarrrm are a japanese grindcore band, using a ton of different vocalists, and if I remember correctly, no lyrics. Instead, they just have the vocalists scream ballistic insanity over some of the best instrumentation in grindcore. Seriously, these vocalists sound either piss drunk or like they're having a complete mental breakdown. It's awesome. And the music itself, is just beautiful. This album starts off with a fucking mandolin, and just goes into punishing fuck-you-upness. Mandolin returns throughout, along with some of the weirdest, most fucked melodic parts out there. Swarrrm hold a place as one of my absolute favorite bands, so you fucks had better like this. If you don't you're just fucking stupid.

Swarrrm - Nise Kyûseishu Domo