Saturday, January 26, 2008


The first of some of my promised uploads:

Red Album

I think this is all their non-split stuff. Could be wrong though.

For those that don't know, Baroness play sludge, though not all mean Eyehategod sludge, they play happier(relatively) sludge. First and Second are their first two EPs, and are a bit darker, harsher, underproduced, other synonyms for sludgy. Though, even with that, they're still catchy as fuck all.

Red Album is their newest, and if you follow the metal press at all, you'd see this album has been getting a crazy amount of accolades all last year. I agree with the press on this one, Red Album is in my top 3 albums for 2007 (along with High on Fire's Death Is This Communion and Swarrrm's Black Bong). Red Album takes all the catchyness of the first two EPs, makes it a little less mean, and makes a full album of it. It still has that wrath of sludge, but it just progresses so well that you just get going. I suck at descriptions, but fuck it, this is worth a download.


Sin said...

The password on Second and Red Album didn't work.

Zero said...

God damnit you're right. I'll re-up them later.