Monday, January 28, 2008

Facedowninshit - Nothing Positive, Only Negative

Putting up an old one that got killed for whatever reason.

Facedowninshit - Nothing Positive, Only Negative

No clue, but for some reason I had this tagged as crust. Well, what you get here is sludge, pretty much Eyehategod worship, long, plodding fuzzed out NOLA sound. It's nothing amazingly special, but it does what it does well.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


The first of some of my promised uploads:

Red Album

I think this is all their non-split stuff. Could be wrong though.

For those that don't know, Baroness play sludge, though not all mean Eyehategod sludge, they play happier(relatively) sludge. First and Second are their first two EPs, and are a bit darker, harsher, underproduced, other synonyms for sludgy. Though, even with that, they're still catchy as fuck all.

Red Album is their newest, and if you follow the metal press at all, you'd see this album has been getting a crazy amount of accolades all last year. I agree with the press on this one, Red Album is in my top 3 albums for 2007 (along with High on Fire's Death Is This Communion and Swarrrm's Black Bong). Red Album takes all the catchyness of the first two EPs, makes it a little less mean, and makes a full album of it. It still has that wrath of sludge, but it just progresses so well that you just get going. I suck at descriptions, but fuck it, this is worth a download.

Some whoring, and a taste of things to come.

Just wanted to put it out there that To Live A Lie released the Hip Cops/Gate split 7" a little while back, but I just finally got around to ordering it. I haven't heard it yet, but from what I've heard of Gate and Hip Cops, it's sure to be awesome. You guys should probably grab it too, as it's cheap as hell, and supporting the smaller labels and shit is integral for new music.

Also, I have a ton of stuff uploaded, just not posted. I'll see if I can get it up tomorrow. Nothing that really fits here, but I have some Baroness and Fall of the Bastards, and an album by This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb. If you want the Pipe Bomb album, it's already up over at Nuke The Cross, where they ganked it from me. They put more effort into track lists and pictures than I ever will.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Swarrrm - Nise Kyûseishu Domo

So, I never did what I said I was going to, but you guys should be used to that by now. I do have some uploads planned, like all of Graf Orlock, some sludge, grind, and probably some stoner, since that's what I've been listening to recently.

As for todays upload, you get my favorite Swarrrm full length. If you don't know Swarrrm, you suck. Swarrrm are a japanese grindcore band, using a ton of different vocalists, and if I remember correctly, no lyrics. Instead, they just have the vocalists scream ballistic insanity over some of the best instrumentation in grindcore. Seriously, these vocalists sound either piss drunk or like they're having a complete mental breakdown. It's awesome. And the music itself, is just beautiful. This album starts off with a fucking mandolin, and just goes into punishing fuck-you-upness. Mandolin returns throughout, along with some of the weirdest, most fucked melodic parts out there. Swarrrm hold a place as one of my absolute favorite bands, so you fucks had better like this. If you don't you're just fucking stupid.

Swarrrm - Nise Kyûseishu Domo