Saturday, January 26, 2008

Some whoring, and a taste of things to come.

Just wanted to put it out there that To Live A Lie released the Hip Cops/Gate split 7" a little while back, but I just finally got around to ordering it. I haven't heard it yet, but from what I've heard of Gate and Hip Cops, it's sure to be awesome. You guys should probably grab it too, as it's cheap as hell, and supporting the smaller labels and shit is integral for new music.

Also, I have a ton of stuff uploaded, just not posted. I'll see if I can get it up tomorrow. Nothing that really fits here, but I have some Baroness and Fall of the Bastards, and an album by This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb. If you want the Pipe Bomb album, it's already up over at Nuke The Cross, where they ganked it from me. They put more effort into track lists and pictures than I ever will.


Jazmin said...

Nigguh that was a request. >:
You say ganked too much. Makes me think you like it up the butt for whatever reason. Cave man. >:)

Zero said...

You got some fucked up logic right there. See, this is why you broads should leave that logic to the men, and just stick to your pansy emotions.

Will said...

You rule! I hope you like the split.

If you would want to post the Rhino Charge 7" and Magrudergrind/Godstomper split, please doso. I have full downloads of both at:

Zero said...

Sure, I'll post them. Always happy to give you a bit more exposure, seeing as how I've gotten way too much awesome shit from your store.