Monday, September 17, 2007

You gotta be shitting me.

So now Destroy is gone. That's two discographies wiped mere days after I upload them.

Someone's obviously reporting them, I'm curious though, why? If it's you, do you own the rights? Tell me and I'll stop uploading them. Else I'll just find a different service.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

DEAD Stack - Discography

No way in hell am I writing up a track list for this behemoth.


Okay, I'm stumped

Looks like Crossed Out got wiped again. Sorry bout that, but I'm guessing someone's reporting it, so not much I can do. I'll see about getting it on a different service.

Also, I'm currently re-uploading the Destroy discography, since the link died. Expect that up shortly.

DEAD Destroy - Discography

Destroy - Discography

1 (Necropolis LP) Remote Control Phyrric Victory
2 Prey In School
3 Death Through Vanity I
4 Death Through Vanity II Salvation In Death
5 Hysteria
6 Burn Down The Mall
7 Crowd Control
8 God Squad ('94)
9 Death Of A Generation
10 The Revolution Will Not Be Analog
11 Necropolis
12 War Withour Mercy
14 Misery
15 All-American Working Class Hero
16 Dogfight
17 Sword Of Damocles
18 War On Wankers '94
19 Stop Thinking And Follow
20 Laid To Waste
21 Another Religion, Another War
22 (Disturb 7") Render Unto Ceaser
23 Chains Of Torment
24 Redneck
25 (Burn This Racist System Down) Banality Of Evil
26 Get Used To It
27 Gynocide
28 Ode To Ramen
29 Burn This Racist System Down
30 Atomic Myopia
31 Anthem, Ad Nauseum, F.Y.I.P.
32 Crowd Control
33 Enforced Orthodoxy
34 Prey In School
35 Lethal Habits
36 (Bloodless Unreality Compilation 7") Vile Horrendous Aerial Bombardment
37 (Crust And Anguished Life Compliation CD) Dead To The World
38 (CD Only "Bonus Track") See Through Their Lies
39 (Disrupt Split 7") Stop Thinking And Follow
40 Obedience Defiance
41 Yuppie Beware
42 (Total Fucking Chaos 7") Hordes Of Destruction Santa God
43 Children's Crusade
44 We're Strong To The Finish 'Cos We Eats Our Spinach
45 Total Fucking Chaos
46 Us Vs. The World II
47 Fucking Alternative
48 Doom To The Greedy

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Crossed Out

I fixed the old Crossed Out post. Honestly don't know what happened, the file just seems to have disappeared. If this happens with other releases, please comment the latest post made, as I don't usually go through my old stuff looking at comments.

Neanderthal - Fighting Music

Neanderthal - Fighting Music

This here is the band that was a precursor to Man Is The Bastard. It's short, but it's everything they've done. Heavier, fuzzier, and less noise than MitB, and worth checking out.

Black Kronstadt - The Free Spirit

Black Kronstadt - The Free Spirit

Told you I had more of this. Well, I think I've said what there is to be said, so just scroll down and read the other description.

DEAD Capitalist Casualties - 1996-1999 Years In Ruin

Capitalist Casualties - 1996-1999 Years In Ruin

One of my personal favorite power violence bands. I'm not sure if this album is a best of, discography, or just a random collection from those years, but fuck, that's for you lot to figure out.

DEAD Gasp - An Earwig's Guide To Travelling

Gasp - An Earwig's Guide To Travelling

Highly recommended. These guys are fucking weird, blending sludge, ambient, and power violence to create some crazy awesome shit that defies description.

Black Kronstadt - Black Kronstadt

Black Kronstadt - Black Kronstadt

This here is the band that ended up becoming Iskra. You can hear the beginnings of their BM influence here. If people like this, I have a few more EP's I can upload.

DEAD Iskra - Iskra

Iskra - Iskra

Black metal influenced crust formed by members of Black Kronstadt. Really fast, noisy, mean shit, and highly enjoyable.

No pw on this one because it was originaly for MySpace metal forum. I hope that this doesn't mean it will end up on other blogs uncredited LIKE SOME OTHER UPLOADS.

Fruit Salad - Buy or Die

Fruit Salad - Buy or Die

Decent enough power violence, though a bit on the short side.

Follow the albums advice, but it (or Blood Power, their other album).

Monday, September 3, 2007


I figured everyone would know by now that the password is always, but since it appears I'm wrong, I've added it to the about me section.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

DEAD Misanthropic - Open Up And Take Your Bullet

Misanthropic - Open Up And Take Your Bullet

New discovery. This band plays what sounds like heavily Dystopia influenced grindcore (name is also a pretty good giveaway). I think there are male/female dueling vocals, though the screamer could just have a super high pitched voice. It's pretty good nonetheless, and easily worth the minimal bandwidth it will take.

DEAD Los Crudos - Discography

Los Crudos - Discography

To my knowledge, this album is everything done by Los Crudos, the pioneering Spanish speaking crust/hardcore band. To be honest, I never bothered to check them out until I saw a request, and figured I may as well fill it. I was pleasantly surprised. Nice, fast crust with some good vocals and aggressive instrumentation.