Saturday, September 15, 2007

DEAD Stack - Discography

No way in hell am I writing up a track list for this behemoth.



dystralte said...

Thanks for the great site! It is good to hear some of this stuff again.

I have to say I am only a casual listener of this particular style of music but I still enjoy it on occasion.

I guess you could say I went through a crust phase about 14 years ago. (Damn, has it really been that long?)

Anyway, while everyone I knew was praising Rancid, Screeching Weasel and the like, I found myself buying just about every 7" I could from the likes of PE, Skuld and even Slap A Ham. Anything I saw a review for that was described as loud, fast, blistering and angry, garnered my interest and dinero.

I guess I essentially burnt myself out, as I hope the power pop glamsters do, to the point of not listening to my records anymore.

Many of these records still sound great, though many I have since parted with.
Your site has enabled me to listen to stuff I no longer have and some I have never heard, whish in turn has awakened my appreciation for it! I still don't like the ultra thrashy bands like Crossed Out or Agathocles(sp?) I tend to lean to the more structured groups like Misery and Unamused but I give it all a fair chance.

Once last thing and I'll quit my rambling...It seems that someone has it out for you, as the Destroy link has been deleted!

Anonymous said...

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