Saturday, September 1, 2007

DEAD Misanthropic - Open Up And Take Your Bullet

Misanthropic - Open Up And Take Your Bullet

New discovery. This band plays what sounds like heavily Dystopia influenced grindcore (name is also a pretty good giveaway). I think there are male/female dueling vocals, though the screamer could just have a super high pitched voice. It's pretty good nonetheless, and easily worth the minimal bandwidth it will take.


ollie said...
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fail.goregrind said...

Bound By Rage and Pessimism-

Another woman was beaten today and she is trapped because she's afraid.
And another child has died today without enough to eat he rotted away.
And while I sit here in my house someone is freezing on the streets.
And while I sit here and write this song someone will die from a disease.
Murderers and rapists live in our communities.
Everyday we wake up to six billion tragedies.
We all agree there are problems but to correct them will be hard to do.
Rid the world of poverty and abuse, the change has to start with you.
In a world where the working man beats his wife and kids.
In a world where the "holymen" are molesting your children.
In a world where the policemen have the power to kill you.
In a place where the citizens don't care until it happens to them.
Take your own life to ensure that you won't breed.
You're just one more motherfucker this planet doesn't need.
You buy into the fairy tale that as citizens we are free.
And passively pay your tax to accomidate their greed.
They harvest 1/3 of my weekly income but where does the money go?
The economy is in a hole and still the deficit grows.
You can't reform a system that hinges on corruption.
More beaurocratic programs are not the solution.
This is the state of the world today. We are fucked, we've gone astray.
Save the world, put a gun to your head.
Humans are shit, we're better off dead.
We destroy this planet, we destroy ourselves.
Most stand by silently while few try to help.
They regulate small businesses to stifle evolution.
Ignore the poor and lower class, deny them retribution.
They pacify the masses with a small cut in taxes.
But a 1% tax cut isn't really compensation.
A $500 deduction for schools the poor can't afford.
A tax break for the upper class and approval ratings soar.
You've been brainwashed by patriotic propaganda.
Using tax revenues they finance their political agendas.
The media is the government's whore, a function of the system.
Reporting what they want us to hear but I refuse to listen.
Is it ignorance or apathy that spawned this fucked society?
I can tell you that it's both and we're the result.
A subculture against the system, bound by rage and pessimism.
A generation of despair and doom with no pride or hope for us to exhume.
We the poor call out the rich and it's labeled class envy.
But it seems a silver spoon brings scores of opportunity.
We're the poor and filthy, we'll never see the ivy league.
If a large bank roll is a measure of success then may I never succeed.

Fuck Your Aryan Roots-

You're pushing us towards another fucking war and you can't possibly win.
There's more of us than there are of you, you can't possibly win.
You wear your politics in your fucking boots, shave your head pay homage to your aryan roots.
You proclaim your dedication to your shitbag race,
but it's only the weak that you really intimidate.
The truth is that you're searching for an identity,
you see the world is fucked up so you claim superemacy.
You're not salvation, you're not what we need.
You redneck fucking bigot, you watch too much T.V.
In your heart you want something that is good
but it's not just minorities destroying your neighborhood.
Why are you proud of the color of your skin? Hatred thrives on ignorance,
that's where it all begins.
Are you having apprehensions about the meaning of your life?
Do you think that you're special because you're fucking white?
Why don't you go back where you came from you shithead seperatists?
The last thing this country needs is a bunch of supremacists.
Hitler was a psychopath, his ideas weren't right.
You're not following him, just a reason to fight.
Blame your problems on a group, it seems o.k. to you.
But did you know that Hitler was also part Jew?
This country's going down the tube, led by the white man.
It's our current situation and it's how it all began.
Take a look at this country and then look at your skin.
White pride is ignorance, and it's where it all begins.

Ignorance Is Bliss-

Your're so amused by a fucking piece of cloth that you don't realize what the fuck is being lost.
You pledge allegiance to their flag and their fucking cross.
Just happy little icons to cover up the loss.
Freedom and peace is what you thought they really meant.
The stars and stripes are really the truth being bent.
Just take a better look behind the red white and blue.
They're really taking freedom away from me and you.
There's no fucking difference between the swastika and the flag.
They're just fucking symbols that stab you in the back.
You support your enemy by thinking things are all right.
Go to work all day, watch the T.V. all night...
Sitting back in your E-Z chair clutching your remote.
Politicians on the screen, their lies are a fucking a joke.
You don't think of the evil, well ignorance is bliss.
But when you're fucking slaves maybe you'll notice it.
If the flag stands for freedom then why the fuck aren't we free?
If you think we are then open your eyes and see...

The Anthem-

The anthem barfs forth melody but I sit alone.
The masses stand saluting some even sing along.
No teary eyes for me no lump in my throat.
I the anti-patriot me the misanthrope.
We are forced to compromise
but inside we all despise the bastards, the slave drivers, who dictate our lives.
This archaic system governing us is old and out of date.
So warped and disfigured it leaves us feeling raped.
Government doesn't work, we see it every day.
We watch our freedom get pushed aside and look the other way.
They regulate our freedom and in the laws they generate
there is a fucking loop-hole for every law that they break.
They silence our pleas and keep us on our knees
and demand we ask for forgiveness from their holy deity.
They exploit your faith to keep you in place
but for all your fucking suffering you will never be saved.
Government and corporations walking hand in hand.
With giant grins on their faces they discuss their master plan.
To push inflation higher and leave wages where they stand.
And we the faceless masses are left to scavenge amongst ourselves.
We'll work to smash your system and then we'll take a stand.
Through resistance and persistance we will gain the upper hand.
By boycotting and propaganda we've begun to chip away
at the system that exploits the poor
but will I see the day that we become independant people, not nameless, faceless slaves.
Or will I carry this reality with me to the grave?
Your anthem stirs no emotion in me.
I will always sit alone.
I will never stand and salute.
I will never sing your song.
No teary eyes, no lump in my throat, no false sense of hope.
I'd rather watch your flag in flames and everything you've done.

fail.goregrind said...

whats up man?
im not sure if you've heard the unreleased tracks from these guys but theyre fucking great.
email me sometime and i can send em to you. if you liked this 7" then te unreleased tracks will blow your mind =]