Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lords of Lightspeed EP

Sup. Unemployment blows. Have an upload:

Lords of Lightspeed is the band pre-Wolves In The Throne Room, with the two Weaver brothers playing instruments in a Mukilteo Fairies sounding band (which makes sense, they share some members), though this has some black metal-ish influence (which also makes sense considering where the Weavers ended up). So what do we have? Pretty good shit, and stupidly annoying to find. Took me a while to track down a torrent (and it was only the .flac version), and even longer for a seed to show up and let me grab it. To make things easier, I'm packing it up here for you fucks. I'm including both the original .flac files from the torrent, and 190kbps .mp3s I converted for easier listening.

Lords of Lightspeed EP

Thanks to whoever uploaded the torrent on RockBox

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nux Vomica - Asleep In The Ashes

Most of you still reading probably have this by now, but fuck it, I'm going to post anyways. I'm just going to copy paste my description from VF, because I'm lazy awesome like that.

Their second album however, Asleep In The Ashes, holy fucking cockknuckles it's amazing. Possibly my favorite release of all time (EDIT: Yes, that means it might be beating Muga). Six songs in a little over an hour, and some of the most beautiful, angry, depressed music I've heard. That whole wave of crust bands adding things like cello's and violins to add atmosphere don't add up to one percent of Nux Vomica's presence. It's like Isis stopped being lame and fell in love with Dystopia and made beautifully pissed off children and those children were Nux Vomica.

That video of The Monster I posted a while back is the continuation of their style post-AITA.

Nux Vomica - Asleep In The Ashes or how I learned to stop worry and love the best crusty metal album ever.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Seized - Seized

Well, at least I'm back faster than usual.

This is Seized and...fuck I forgot what they sound like, one sec...

Alright, got it. Seized sounds almost like a slower Man Is The Bastard, thanks in no small part to three (count em) bass guitars, and no normal guitarist. Really thick and heavy sound that tends to plod along at a sludge pace, but every so often picks up in to a rocking melody. Odd. Skipping around in tracks just now to get a feel left me underwhelmed, but I remember specifically listening to this at work and thinking "Damn, this is good. Think I have a new upload" so here it is. Don't trust my description, trust my memory that this is awesome.

Seized - Seized

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Constant Doubt - 2010 Demo

What what what? TWO posts? Yes.

Constant Doubt is the band of a cool guy over on the VF punk forums. Since I'm mod there and he actually knows what the fuck he's talking about and doesn't start shit, I'm posting his demo here. It's also not too bad, so there's that too. Production is utter crap and feedback permeates the entire sound (sounds almost like it was recorded live, not in a studio), but if you like noisy/discordant hardcore, you probably wouldn't mind it at all. I mean, I'll be honest, it's not the ZOMG BEST HARDCORE RECORD EVAR, but fuck, it's a DIY release by a friends band, it has some nice slow sludgy parts that almost border on early Swans and it's fucking free, so who gives a shit. It's a competent album and that's all that fucking matters.

Constant Doubt - 2010 Demo

So it's been brought to my attention that there actually isn't any production at all, and the whole thing really was recorded live. Onto a camcorder. I'm honestly surprised it doesn't sound worse knowing that.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

About fuck...

I said fuck a whole lot in the last post. It's like I'm trying to meet some quota I feel behind on during my time away from here.

Fuck it.

Glasses - Glasses

Blah, not gonna say shit about "oh maybe I'm back, maybe I'm not" because fuck if I know. Point is, I'm here now, and with something awesome.

Glasses is a German hardcore band, and the best way I can put it is it's a fucking female fronted Ghostlimb. RIDICULOUSLY angry and pissed off, but fucking melodic as all hell too. Found them through when I asked for a Ghostlimb/Swarrrm/Skarp station, and this is pretty much the single best thing it could have shit out into my eager ears. 'Your Terms' is one of the catchiest fucking pieces of rage I've ever heard, and the broad fronting them has some scary raspy "I fucking hate you and will kill you with sound all Maub'Dib style motherfucker" vocals going on, and it rules. Follow this blog enough and you know I have a aural hard-on for chick vocalists who can actually fucking do vocals, and this girl fucking delivers.

Glasses - Glasses

Enjoy you miscreants.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Oh look, I'm finally getting around to posting something that's been in my MF account since last February.

Wormwood is awesome. If you liked the last track on There Is Nothing Eternal Exists by Muga, with the organ and all, you'd like this. Freaked out carnival sludge, heavy and spooky. The addition of an organ really makes it here, but I haven't listened to them recently enough to provide more of a description than that. Oh well, enjoy two albums. Am I back?

Wormwood - Starvation
Wormwood - Requiscat

Friday, March 26, 2010

Funeralopolis 200%

Oh hi there.

This isn't something typical of what I post (when I do), besides that it's awesome. A while back someone on /mu/ took the track Funeralopolis by Electric Wizard, a slow, plodding heavy as fuck doom/stoner song and sped it up 200%. The result is a thrashing gnarly mess of riffs that shreds through your soul. Fucking awesome track. Whoever you are random /mu/tant, I salute you.

Electric Wizard - Funeralopolis 200%