Friday, September 26, 2008

Skaven/Stormcrow Split

What's that, TWO uploads in a day? I said I was back, bitches.

So, a while ago someone requested this split. I wanted it too, but then I forgot about it. Well, I just got it yesterday, so I figure I'd throw it up in case that person didn't do the wise thing and look elsewhere.

What we have here is Skaven and Stormcrow, the new breed of dark doomy crust a la Deviated Instinct. In all honesty, I found this split kind of weak. Skaven's track is really not their best, and while the Stormcrow side is awesome (it's Stormcrow, it can't not be awesome), it's still not up to Enslaved in Darkness. But whatever, it's not BAD, just, could have been better.

Stormcrow/Skaven Split


Cirlce That H said...

you are awesome. you might have forgot to mention stormcrow is coming to a town near you soon. big tour coming up i think for them.

Spetsnaz said...

I just picked this up today, i was disappointed with Skaven as well. Thanks for putting it into mp3 thought!

Spetsnaz said...

Could you put up the other two Skaven releases? Thanks as always.

Christopher L G Hill said...

Haven't listerned to the Skaven tracks yet, but normally love them, thanks heaps, swe(E)t blog

IntestinesOvWar said...

Yo, your uploads are much appreciated as always. Unfortunately, crusties cannot survive on Crustmas alone, because some use torrents. Check out my blog, suckas, it's progressed a lot since it started...over 8000 downloads!

Anonymous said...

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