Monday, September 8, 2008

Genghis Tron

Ah Genghis Tron. Easily one of my favorite bands, if not my absolute favorite. Plays a stupid crazy mix of electronic and grind, and more recently even some drone and other shit, and it's just awesome. You fuckers might not like it, but oh well. Really nice guys though, and they came from where I used to live in NY. Put on a fun as fuck show too.

Cape of Hate

Cape of Hate is their first limited EP, released in an edition of something like 150 on Crucial Blast. Has a couple of nice remixes and some dark ambient interludes. Fun times.

The Unit

Single song "demo", recorded for Revolver magazine on their little mini studio they used to lug around. It's an ok track, and nice to have for completeness sake, but eh, they've done better.


Quick demo of Colony Collapse that was on their MySpace, few months before Board Up The House came out.

Laser Bitch

Their first demo, containing old versions of songs that would appear on Cloak of Love. If anyone has a copy for sale, let me know, I want this bad.

Cloak of Love

Their first real full length, and arguably some of their best material. Short as fuck EP, but full of great fast as fuck all REAL cybergrind, none of that shitty 'scene kid with Fruity Loops' MySpace bullshit. Even if they do actually use Fruity Loops...

Triple Black Diamond

Their second limited remix EP, containing a bunch of Dead Mountain Mouth remixes, some live tracks, and a demo from Board Up The House. Has an awesome ten minute drone noise mix of Dead Mountain Mouth on it.

Board Up The House

Their most recent album, just released on Relapse earlier this year (so this will probably get deleted soonish). Currently my personal vote for album of the year, but I'm a fanboy, so make yer own decision. Much more evolved than their previous shit. Less chaotic, a bit more refined, kind of like the change Swarrrm made between Thee Imitation Messiahs and Black Bong.

Dead Mountain Mouth

First full length. Awesome album, but I'm getting tired of typing descriptions, so that's all you get.

Some Graf Orlock is next, I'll try to get to requests one of these days.


Apoctosis said...

Haha, awesome post, and yeah I give that "Board Up The House" post a week before it gets taken down. Bastards took down my Human Remains post!

Z said...

The last song on "Board up the House" is awesome and has a different sound(different recording?) and feel than the rest of the album.