Monday, March 3, 2008

Don't ever say I do nothing for you.

Few days ago, I purged through the entire blog, found everything still missing, and have now re-upped it all. Some new stuff too at the end, but I'll get to that later.

Athrenody - Crazed Development
Bloody Phoenix - War, Hate, And Misery
State of Fear - Discography
Forca Macabre - Histeria - Edicao Brasilera
Stack - Discography
Depressor - Symbols
Capitalist Casualties - 1996-1999 Years in Ruin
Gasp - An Earwig's Guide To Traveling
Man Is The Bastard - Thoughtless...
Man Is The Bastard - Mancruel
Yeti - Things To Come
Oroku - Living Through The End Time
Witch Hunt - This Is Only The Beginning...
Witch Hunt - Blood Red States
Sea Of Deprivation - Catharsis in Disharmony
All Is Suffering - The Past : Vindictive Sadisms Of Petty Bureaucrats
Bread And Water - Everything So Far
Detestation - Detestation
Detestation - Agony Of Living
Extinction of Mankind - Northern Scum
Extinction of Mankind - Nightmare Seconds
Dropdead - Second LP
Hellbastard - In Grind We Crust
Kakistocracy - Cast Off Your Chains And Dance
Choking Victim - No Gods / No Managers
Artimus Pyle - Fucked From Birth
Severed Head Of State - An Invitation To A Beheading

Man Is The Bastard - D.I.Y.C.D.
Star Fucking Hipsters - Demo

All missing links will be filled in, this shit is taking a while to upload.


mat 13 said...

Thanks a LOT man, really!

Toxic Molar said...

Shit! Great blog.

dmitri said...

Wow. I've been using to find obscure instrumental hip hop for a few months - It never occured to me that I could find the punk equivalent the same way - I've been looking for a copy of that first state of fear 7" since some jagoff stole mine in 1996 - this is the next best thing. A thousand thanks. Also, I saw that you have a link posted for choking victim's "No Gods/No Managers" LP... If you aren't familiar with the first two records, they are far, far superior, even if the lp was recorded in a 3 thousand dollar a day studio in hollywood compared to the first 7" being recorded on a boombox in the basement of see squat, or some shite... Crappy recording wins to my ears. something about the fact that sturgeon only does like one verse of the vocal leads on that lp maybe? I was hanging out in NYC and Philly alot around the time that they recorded that lp and I heard then that sturgeon quit halfway through the sessions, so that explains that - Anyway, if you haven't got 'em, here's a page where you can download their early stuff

Great blog. I'm bookmarking this spot.

Zero said...

I've got both already, but thanks for the link. I usually only listen to NG/NM though, as I tend to prefer the later sound (I'm actually a bigger fan of Leftover Crack than Choking Victim, to be honest). I think I'll give it another listen though now that it's been brought up.

Thanks for the praise though, always nice to be appreciated and to see that people are liking what I up.

D NTZ said...

Hey! I started my own blog - I jacked yr State of Fear link, gave you props and linked you here:


krustiesIShippies123 said...

Thanks alot mate!!Could you add the Severed Head of State-No Love Lost EP if you have it plz

joey fletcher said...

This is good shit, I'll link your blog to mine.

Axolotl said...

Earwigs Guide to Travelling, FUCK yes, been looking for this shit since I first got a hold of drome triler