Saturday, November 8, 2008

Masterpeace - World Is One

So, found some more Masterpeace, and figured it was time for a new upload, so here you go:

Masterpeace - World Is One

Contained within is a comp track, or something. Pretty decent track, though I don't think it's quite up to anything off their other albums. Also included is the World is One EP. Weird EP, starts off with a hip-hop song or something (made me think I got the wrong Masterpeace at first), but then goes right back into their nice blend of ballistic hardcore. They don't really do anything new here, but if you liked their last album, you'll like this one just fine.

Also, the Seeeing Red blog is a thief and a retard. I remember when it just started out, it did so by taking one of my uploads, and now they deny taking another, even with proof. They could at least fucking credit.


IntestinesOvWar said...

I've probably ripped you off a couple of times.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if i hurt your feelings there little buddy. But hey thanks for the free promotion!!!