Monday, February 11, 2008

Bunch of reposts

So, I'm seeing if these things last longer if I scramble the file names. MF is a bitch though, and made it so that I can't password protect my files anymore. So, would you kindly not jack my uploads, or if you do, at least give credit back?

I'm much too lazy to rewrite descriptions again, and since these are all re-ups, you guys can just look back through old posts for the description.

Yeti - Volume, Obliteration, Transcendence
Wake Up On Fire - Wake Up On Fire
Wake Up On Fire - Demo
Pretty Little Flower - Complete Grindcore Annihilation
Los Crudos - Discographia
Destroy - Discography 1990-1994
Crossed Out - Discography 1990-1993

I'll see about getting a description for the Fall of the Bastards I have sitting around so I can post that later.