Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gehenna - Upon The Grave Hill REMOVED BY REQUEST

Apologies for not posting in almost a month. I have no excuse.

This here is Gehenna, no relation to the black metal band though. This is mean as fuck all metallic hardcore. Almost approaches grind (may be grind for all I know, fuck genres).

Removed at request of Gehenna
Buy it here.

Also, Razorback Records just put out an album from a band called Acid Witch. I'm not uploading, since they JUST PUT IT OUT, but you're an industrious lot. I highly recommend checking it out, as it's some damn fine drug soaked death/doom.


Apoctosis said...
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wrong Gehenna. this is the Gehenna from San Diego. they are rule!! check out War and The sons of Light

ApocalypseWestCoast said...

Hey man...

Do me a favor and pull this down. This is my band and I don't want this available for download. It was released as an LP because it was intended to be listened to that way. Not as a bunch of mp3's. Plus this record is still available. So please pull it down.