Sunday, May 10, 2009

Skarp - Requiem

And I'm back (again). School and life intervened, but that's done now (fuck yea graduated). Hopefully, since I have fuck all else to do until I find a job, I'll post more often. Starting now, with this little jem:

Skarp - Requiem

Skarp are a "blackout grind" band from here in Seattle. Really, blackout grind just means some crazy awesome crusty grind shit, kinda like Nux Vomica or those other bands I rave about. This is their latest album, which is sad because it's fucking four years old. I've been playing the SHIT out of this since buying it at a show of theirs two weeks ago, especially the title track. Renae has some of the absolute best female vocals in extreme music, hands down. Only one who can compare is Mis (from Moonshine). Super punishing, but never losing its melody, this is worth a listen.


Muninn said...

Awesome album, saw them with Phobia awhile back, good band live too.

Apoctosis said...

Cool upload, been meaning to check this band out. Congrats on graduating!


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