Thursday, November 5, 2009

RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE / The Warren of Snares

Anyone still out there? No? Cool.

This here is the Warren Of Snares trilogy by Fall of Efrafa. They call themselves post hardcore, but they sound like neocrust to me (sorry guys, know you dislike the tag but that's what you sound like). Anyways, music. Three albums of epic sweeping emotional melodic heaviness, all to the tune of Richard Adam's Watership Down. This is really some of the best music I have, long songs that never overstay their welcome, complex melodies that latch their hooks into you, a pulsing underlying anger always threatening to overtake everything, all wrapped up in one of the most complete concepts ever realised in music. Listen to it in order, all at once.

Links removed at request of band. You should be able to find them for purchase pretty easily though.

I know Owsla is missing track seven, that's on purpose as it's a bonus track that isn't actually a part of the trilogy. I may upload it later along with stuff like their split, demo, and Tharn.

Also, just because of the quote I used in the title, have some Altered Beast Demo. Short fast and fun thrashcore. Fuck yea, good to be back in business.


Apoctosis said...

Welcome back! Really good post, thanks for Inle!

brutalex said...

the dead walk the earth. bout time. great post!

Flesh Monolith said...

Altered Beast is one of my favorite games from my childhood. Happy to see you back, and the fact that there's a band having to deal with Altered Beast kills a lot of musical dreams i've had...


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Flesh Monolith said...
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Brogan said...

You can download all their stuff for free off their website. They totally don't care if you download it. They just want to keep the quality good.

Cooper said...

Thanks for coming back to us. Always enjoy your posts. My band checks your posts regularly.

Check us out, or dont. None of this matters.