Monday, July 2, 2007

Not an upload yet

But more of a question. Been wondering what to do with this rarely updated blog. I know for one thing that files get downloaded like wildfire when I add them, so I'm curious, what do you, the pirates of the datawaves, want to see updated? Do you want this to stick to a more or less pure crust blog? Or would you rather see me expand it into hardcore, power violence, sludge, and punky grind?

Leave a comment if you want to share your opinion. I'll try and get something new up one of these days.


F. Mercenary said...

I think any of that music would be great, either way it has a crust sound to it.

But I'll just ask ya this question- what do you got? (hehehe)

Pogel said...

I like the Crust theme, but I'm sure whatever you post will be eagerly downloaded. Do not be put off by lack of comments. I get many visitors to my blog with only a few putting fingers to keyboard.

youthattack said...


Detestation (all I've got is a 7 inch)
Bread and Water
Signal Lost
Guyana Punchline

There's alot of other shit, but whatever. Keep up the good work, because this is a great blog.

Van Daniels said...

Just keep it loud, hard, and fast!

YoYoPunk said...

I'll take anything you want to post.

moo said...

i am looking for this one comp of crusty ladies. i figure youd be a good start to try and find this.

i love this blog, by the way. post whateverthefuck.

Jieno said...

There's a password on the Detestation Agony of Living.. Anyway.. Just post what you want.. Important is that pleases you

Anonymous said...

I say crust and sludge forever

Rube said...

Power Violence would be a real nice add.


upload what you like!it seems so far that everything you hear and upload have the same interest also to me.some power violence that i was not into i like them now more.this is the best of it unknown bands and music that eventually after hearing them i want to search and buy them.only d.i.y and independent!!!
D.I.Y. OR DIE!!!

O'z said...

any fastcore band will be nice..
killer blog,,cheers.