Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Born/Dead - Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us

Born/Dead - Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us

1. A Look At The World 2:53
2. Waiting 2:44
3. Accuser 0:50
4. Perspective Of Lies That Blind 2:09
5. The Last To Starve 2:31
6. Indigent 3:03
7. C.R.W.M. 3:04
8. I Can't Deal With It 1:54
9. Fantasies Of Success 2:40
10. Deadtime 2:18
11. Homeless 2:16
12. 24 Hostages 0:54
13. Traitor 1:52
14. No One Gets Out Alive 1:15

You know the PW, or at least you should.


Anonymous said...

hey i noticed you had a bunch of stormcrow/dystopia/artimus pyle posted. do you happen to have the two yeti LPs?

nice blog, thanks.

~Barfrau~ said...

hey! I'm just since a few weeks into crust! and you look very cute, too ;)

Nice work!


Zero said...

Yes, I do have the Yeti LPs (if we're thinking of the same band, there's quite a few of them). I'll see about upping them at one point

Anonymous said...

im thinking of the yeti that had stuff released on life is abuse records.
so probably the same.