Friday, July 6, 2007

Guyana Punch Line - Maximum Smasism

1. something about smashism 2:24
2. speak softly 1:05
3. fairweather jonestown 3:05
4. crummy life 2:10
5. the kids are pissed 2:06
6. rip your heart out 3:05
7. cliche culture 1:32
8. the red sea 1:42
9. papertrail 1:27
10. protect the fear 2:58

Guyana Punch Line - Maximum Smasism


Anonymous said...

Hey, Zero! Thanks for GPL! Have you maybe happen to have also Direkt Aktion or anything by In/Humanity?

I still have Irritainment on my to-post list but sadly is the only one GPL album I've managed to get to this time.

I've run across your blog and maybe I'm not a huge crust fan but I see that we share interest in some bands like Damad, HHIG, Tragedy, Artimus Pyle and so on... Great! Some time ago I posted another Damad, Burning Cold, Institue, World Burn to Death and Word Salad. You may know these records well but if not feel free to check my blog...

Great blog! Keep it alive!

Zero said...

I do believe I have Direkt Aktion around here somewhere, I'll see about getting it up when I have a chance. Also happen to have an In/Humanity album, I'll up that too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks in advance!!!

I'm gonna fish around here for a while and check some stuff I've missed in the past, Nausea first ;)