Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Masterpeace - Chase The Ideal Myself / 100 Posts!

Masterpeace - Chase The Ideal Myself

This marks 100 posts in this blog. That is cause for celebration.

Anyways, this is some japanese hardcore/screamo/wtf. Found them through some random compilation, and this is the only thing resembling an album I can find. Awesome shit though, with these ballistic screamed vocals (and some low, grind like growls on some songs), some awesome riffs that shit between being pure blasting hardcore with melodic shit back and forth. Hell, at points it even sounds like video game BGM.

I've been listening to this non-stop, and so should you.


Rube said...

Can you please post the consume discography, and/or the state of fear discography. thanks again.

Rodrigo said...

And the Destroy - Discography.. but I can wait, thanks in adavance!

Panfletos Subversivos said...

NUEVO - NEW BLOG from Argentina
Hardcore Crust Punk

O'z said...

lemme grab this..thnx