Saturday, March 24, 2007

DEAD Saw Throat (Sore Throat) - Inde$troy

Saw Throat (Sore Throat) - Inde$troy

Yet again, not really crust, but fuck it, I do what I want.



Vinyl Head said...

shucks. For some reason every time I download this the RAR fails when I try to unzip it -- says file error. Any chance you can check on this? I have this vinyl but just don't have the time to rip stuff much these days.


Zero said...

I downloaded the file yesterday, and was able to successfully unzip it on my XP machine. I'm wondering if it's maybe the $ symbol in the name? Try taking that out. If it still doesn't work, I'll see about re-uploading it.

Anarcho Balcanicus said...

I tried to find this a lot of time. Now, there's a dead link on MediaFire. Please, repost it. Thank you very much indeed.