Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nux Vomica - Asleep In The Ashes

Most of you still reading probably have this by now, but fuck it, I'm going to post anyways. I'm just going to copy paste my description from VF, because I'm lazy awesome like that.

Their second album however, Asleep In The Ashes, holy fucking cockknuckles it's amazing. Possibly my favorite release of all time (EDIT: Yes, that means it might be beating Muga). Six songs in a little over an hour, and some of the most beautiful, angry, depressed music I've heard. That whole wave of crust bands adding things like cello's and violins to add atmosphere don't add up to one percent of Nux Vomica's presence. It's like Isis stopped being lame and fell in love with Dystopia and made beautifully pissed off children and those children were Nux Vomica.

That video of The Monster I posted a while back is the continuation of their style post-AITA.

Nux Vomica - Asleep In The Ashes or how I learned to stop worry and love the best crusty metal album ever.