Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lords of Lightspeed EP

Sup. Unemployment blows. Have an upload:

Lords of Lightspeed is the band pre-Wolves In The Throne Room, with the two Weaver brothers playing instruments in a Mukilteo Fairies sounding band (which makes sense, they share some members), though this has some black metal-ish influence (which also makes sense considering where the Weavers ended up). So what do we have? Pretty good shit, and stupidly annoying to find. Took me a while to track down a torrent (and it was only the .flac version), and even longer for a seed to show up and let me grab it. To make things easier, I'm packing it up here for you fucks. I'm including both the original .flac files from the torrent, and 190kbps .mp3s I converted for easier listening.

Lords of Lightspeed EP

Thanks to whoever uploaded the torrent on RockBox


GxDxKx said...

thanks man,wolves in the throne room is THE SHIT!

Zmaj said...

It really is very hard to find, so thanks a bunch (and I hear ya on that unemployment part).

Grk! said...


idlehands said...

dude you fucking rule.

NuclearNoise said...

Thanks to me for ripping the vinyl and uploading it to the Rockbox.

Anonymous said... & add my blogs if you like. great blog mate.

wefue said...
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